Pleasant Point Domain

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Pleasant Point domain is located at the eastern entrance to Pleasant Point with access from State Highway 8.

It covers a total area of 36 hectares.


Much of the land was acquired in 1873. In 1878 the Hoare family, English bankers, purchased Raincliff Station and sent out gardeners from England to plant the Raincliff Station and Middle Valley area. Stocks of seeds surplus to this planting were gifted to the Council for planting in the Pleasant Point Domain. It seems likely that the English gardeners actually planted the trees as the mature trees are similar species and of the same age at both sites.

In 1979 and again in 1985 additional land was purchased linking the Domain with the town boundary.

Today large trees are dominant feature of much of the Domain when viewed from State Highway 8.


Many sports are played in the Domain. These include:

  • Golf
  • Rugby
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Cricket

There is also an area for the Volunteer Fire Brigade to practice and hold competitions. A camping ground is located centrally in the Domain. This has cabins, powered sites, non-powered sites, kitchen and laundry facilities.

The Pleasant Point Domain is also popular with walkers, cyclists, joggers and people exercising dogs. The children's playground is also a feature.

Last updated: 16 Sep 2021