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Make your Vote Count

There's still time to vote!

However, if you have not yet voted, do not now post your vote as it will not be received in time to be counted.

You can however drop your votes in ballot boxes at the following locations:

Voting closes at 12 Noon on Saturday 8 October. Votes must be in the Electoral Officer’s hands by 12 noon, Saturday 8 October 2016 to be eligible to be counted. The office will be open during normal office hours and on Saturday morning, 8 October for the return of voting documents and special voting.

EVERY vote counts so make sure you return yours in time.

Timaru District Voting Returns

Timaru District is voting! View daily voting returns.

What can I vote for?

The elections you can vote in depends on where you live in the District, and the number of candidates that are put forward for election. If you are not enrolled, you will not receive a voting paper.

Click the link below and follow the instructions to see what you will receive a vote for. This is based on the location where you are registered as a parliamentary elector.

Where can I vote? (opens in separate window)

How do I vote?

Electors must ensure their completed voting documents are completed and returned by 12 noon on Saturday 8 October. There are two voting systems used on the Voting document – First Past The Post (FPP) and Single Transferable Vote (STV).

If you have not received your voting pack, you will need to request a special voting document from the Electoral Officer, Mark Low or Deputy Electoral Officer, Phillipa Tsukigawa - (03) 6877200. You can also get special votes by visiting Service Centres in Geraldine and Temuka or from the main Council office in Timaru.

Who can vote?

All resident electors and non-resident ratepayer electors whose names appear on the parliamentary electoral roll are eligible to vote in local government elections.

  • Resident Roll - If you are on the parliamentary roll you will automatically be enrolled on the local body residential electoral roll at the address where you live.
  • Ratepayer Roll - If you are on the parliamentary roll in one area and pay rates on a property in another area, you may be eligible to be enrolled on the non-resident ratepayer electors' roll.

What is in a voting pack?

Voting packs include:

  • Voting papers
  • Information about how to complete and return your voting papers
  • Candidate Profile Booklet containing photographs and information supplied by the candidates about themselves, their policies and intentions if elected.
  • Return Freepost Envelope

What are the Voting Systems used?

Two voting systems are used for the 2016 local elections in the Timaru District.

First Past the Post (FPP)

The First Past the Post (FPP) electoral system is used for Council and Licensing Trust elections.

Using the FPP system, electors vote by indicating their preferred candidate(s) by ticking a box. The candidate(s) that receives the most votes is declared the winner, regardless of the proportion of votes that candidate(s) received. The FPP electoral system is used for Timaru District Council, Environment Canterbury and the Geraldine Licensing Trust.

Single Transferable Vote (STV)

The Single Transferable Vote (STV) electoral system is compulsory for all District Health Board elections.

STV is a proportional electoral system and electors are required to rank their candidates in order of preference. Check out to find out how STV works.

When can I vote?

The voting period is from Friday 16 September to Noon, Saturday 8 October 2016. Votes must be in the Electoral Officer’s hands by 12 noon, Saturday 8 October 2016 to be counted.

If there is insufficient time for your vote to be returned in the mail by the deadline, then it should be delivered to ballot boxes located at:

These will be available until 12 noon on election day, Saturday 8 October 2016.

How do I enrol so I can vote?

To enrol or make any changes to the resident roll (address details etc.) you can either:

  • complete the appropriate form at any post shop or Council offices; or
  • telephone 0800 ENROLNOW (0800 367 656); or
  • visit the Electoral Enrolment Centre website at

You will need to request a special voting document from the Electoral Officer if you have not enrolled by 12 August 2016.

What if I will be away from Timaru District during the voting period?

For electors away from Timaru District during the voting period (16 September – 8 October 2016) voting papers will be mailed out to electors at their normal residential or postal addresses between 16 – 21 September. If you are returning prior to the close of voting, complete your papers and return by no later than 12 noon, Saturday 8 October.

If an elector is leaving Timaru District before 16 September, and not returning until after 8 October, then they can contact the Electoral Officer or Deputy Electoral Officer on (03) 687 7200 to arrange for special voting papers to be sent to a temporary address where they will be staying on.

When received at the temporary address, the voting papers should be completed and returned immediately in the return envelope provided. If the voting papers are being sent from overseas, the required local postage stamps must be affixed to cover the return airmail postage to New Zealand.

Special votes cannot be issued until Friday 16 September 2016.

Why is the return address for the Voting Papers in Christchurch?

Voting Papers are processed under contract by a company in Christchurch.

Why are candidates names all jumbled up on the voting document?

The different authorities electing members can make a decision under local electoral legislation about whether names will be listed on the voting document in alphabetical, pseudo-random or random order.

For the 2016 elections, the Timaru District Council, South Canterbury District Health Board, Environment Canterbury and Geraldine Licensing Trust have all chosen to use Random order for candidate names in the voting documents. This means that all voting documents will be different.

Who can make a Special Vote?

Special votes are available to electors:

  • whose names do not appear on the final Electoral Roll, but who qualify as electors
  • who did not receive a voting document previously posted to them
  • who spoil or damage a voting document previously posted to them
  • whose names appear on the Unpublished Roll

Special votes require the completion of a statutory declaration. This is a legal requirement and protects against possible duplicate voting.

Contact the Electoral Officer or Deputy Electoral Officer on (03) 6877200 or visit the Timaru District Council Main office in Timaru or Service Centres in Temuka or Geraldine to make a Special Vote. You can also email to request a special vote.

If an elector requests a special vote and is not on the Parliamentary Roll (e.g. they turn 18 years of age after the Preliminary Electoral Roll closes), the person must enrol by close of business on Friday 8 October 2016.

Publish Date: 06 Oct 2016