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Standing as a candidate in the 2016 elections is an opportunity to become involved in Timaru District’s future in the most direct way possible.

NOMINATIONS CLOSED at 12 NOON on Friday 12 August 2016. 

The list of nominations can be viewed here.

Please do not leave your nomination until the last minute.

Each nomination must be made on the official nomination paper available in July and throughout the nomination period.

Nomination papers will be available:

  • Online
  • from the main council office and service centres
  • by telephoning 687 7200 to request a nomination form to be posted.

Nomination Papers for all Timaru District election issues can be found below. Please read the associated candidate information booklet/information before completing your nomination paper.

Candidate Information

Prospective candidates are encouraged to read the Candidate Information Booklets, available below. Copies will be available below or from:

  • Timaru District Council Main office and Service Centres
  • Email
  • Contact the Electoral Officer (03 687 7280) or Deputy Electoral Officer (03 687 7431)

Candidate Information Booklets/Information

General Guide to Local Government

This candidate's guide to local government, published by Local Government NZ, gives general information about local government, the roles of elected members, the skills and qualities needed, how to nominate someone, how the election process works and key dates:

LGNZ Candidate Guide to Local Authority Elections

Candidate Information Meeting

On Monday 27 June, a meeting was held for those interested in standing for the Timaru District Council, Environment Canterbury, South Canterbury District Health Board, and Geraldine Licensing Trust. Presentations from the meeting can be found below:

Other Links

Candidate Qualifications

Timaru District Council and Community Boards

To qualify as a candidate for election to the Timaru District Council or a community board you must be:

  • enrolled as a parliamentary elector anywhere in New Zealand; and
  • a New Zealand citizen

South Canterbury District Health Board

To qualify as a candidate for election to the South Canterbury District Health Board, you must be:

Geraldine Licensing Trust

To qualify as a candidate for election to the Geraldine Licensing Trust, you must be:

Environment Canterbury

To qualify as a candidate for election to the South Canterbury Constituency of Environment Canterbury you must be:

  • enrolled as a parliamentary elector anywhere in New Zealand; and
  • a New Zealand citizen

For Environment Canterbury elections, go here for further info.


Nominations for all positions will open on Friday 15 July 2016 and must be in the Electoral Officer’s hands at 2 King George Place, Timaru by 12 noon on Friday 12 August 2016.

Please do not leave your nomination until the last minute.

Candidates cannot nominate themselves for office. You can stand independently or under a party grouping or affiliation - similar to the process that political parties use in parliamentary elections.


Candidates must be nominated by two people, both of whom need to sign the nomination form.

District, Regional Councils and Community Boards

Nominators for candidates on district and regional councils, or for community boards must be on either the residential or ratepayer roll for the district or subdivision of the district (for example, ward, community board or constituency) in which the candidate is standing.

District Health Board

Nominators of district health board candidates must be registered residential electors in the district health board's area.

Geraldine Licensing Trust

Nominators of Trust candidates must be registered residential electors in the Trust's area.

Restrictions on Candidates

District, Regional Councils and Community Boards

If you are a candidate for the district council, community boards and Regional Council, these restrictions apply:

  • You cannot be a candidate for both the Timaru District Council (Mayor, Councillor or Community Boards and the Canterbury Regional Council 
  • You cannot, at the same time, be a candidate for election for more than one ward or constituency of the same local authority or for more than one subdivision of a community board
  • No person can be elected to a local authority if he/she is concerned or interested in contracts over $25,000 in any financial year with that authority.  However, this may be waived if, before standing, you get approval from the Office of the Controller and Auditor-General.  (Section 3(1) of the Local Authorities (Members Interests) Act 1968)
  • If you are employed by a local authority and are elected as mayor or councillor of that local authority, you must resign as an employee before taking up the position as an elected member. However, this may not apply if you're employed by a territorial authority and are elected to a community board in that authority's district.

District Health Boards

  • You can stand for a district health board and for Mayor, District Council, Regional Council and Community Board, subject to the above restrictions
  • You cannot be a candidate for more than one district health board or for more than one constituency of a district health board

Further detailed information is available with the nomination form and the Candidate Information Booklet.

General Information

Persons considering nominating candidates, and potential candidates should also be aware of the following:

  • Candidates cannot nominate themselves for office
  • Candidates must consent to their nomination
  • A deposit ($200 including GST) must be paid per issue when the nomination is lodged
  • To help voters identify candidates, a recent photo and a 150-word profile statement can be sent with the nomination form. The profile and photo will be published in a booklet sent out with the voting documents.
  • All nomination documents must be submitted together (e.g. Nomination Form, Deposit, Photo, Candidate Profile Statement, Conflict of Interest Statement (for DHB))
  • Candidates may withdraw their nomination at any time before close of nominations (12 noon on Friday 12 August 2016). Notification must be in writing on the prescribed form obtainable from the Electoral Officer.
  • A candidate cannot voluntarily withdraw their nomination after close of nominations, unless a candidate has become incapacitated after the close of nominations and before the close of voting.
  • No candidate can be employed or assist with the conduct of the election, nor be appointed as a scrutineer of any election conducted in the District.
  • Deposits will be refunded to candidates, except where they poll less than 25% of the vote of the lowest polling successful candidate for FPP elections.

Pre Election Report

Council has published a Pre Election Report as required under law. The report outlines the key issues facing the Council and the district over the coming years and profiles the Council's current financial position.


Candidates standing for election to a local authority can start campaigning at any time and can continue up to and including Election Day, provided the rules set out in Local Electoral Act 2001 and the Local Electoral Regulations are complied with. For information relating to campaigning, please refer to the Candidate Information Handbook.

Campaign Advertising

Campaign advertising is subject to the following rules:

  • Advertisements are defined as anything published in a newspaper, periodical, notice, poster, pamphlet, handbill, billboard or card, or broadcast over radio or television.
  • Advertisements must be authorised in writing by the candidate or the candidate's agent.
  • Advertisements must contain a statement setting out the true name and address of the person or persons for whom or at whose direction they are published.
  • Campaign expenses incurred by or on behalf of candidates during the three months before polling day (the applicable period) must be included in the candidate's electoral expenses return.

Campaign Expenditure Limits

Candidate campaigns are subject to the following expenditure limits, based on population in each area:

Position Population
(June 2015 estimate)
$ Expenditure Limit
(including GST)
Mayoral candidate Timaru District46,300$30,000
District Council candidateGeraldine Ward5,600$7,000
 Pleasant Point-Temuka Ward9,400$7,000
 Timaru Ward31,300$20,000
Community Board memberGeraldine5,600$7,000
 Pleasant Point3,000$3,500
District Board Health candidateSouth Canterbury58,900$30,000
Licensing Trust candidateGeraldine6,000 approx$7,000
Environment Canterbury candidateSouth Canterbury60,300$40,000

If you are standing for more than one position then the higher limit applies (not both combined).

Return of Elections Donations and Expenses

Full details of the election campaigning rules are included in the Candidate Information Booklet. 

Election Signage

Councils and government agencies have guidelines regarding putting up election hoardings in the district.

Temporary signs for Local Government elections shall not be erected more than six weeks before the event, nor remain erected more than one week following completion of the event.  For the 2016 Local authority elections, this means that signage can be erected from Friday 26 August 2016 and must be removed by midnight on Saturday 15 October 2016.

Election Signage Policy

Publish Date: 14 Jul 2016