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Plan Change 22 - Washdyke Flat Road Industrial Plan Change

Status: Decision Made, Appeal Period

Seadown Properties Limited have lodged a private plan change request with Timaru District Council pursuant to Clause 21 of the First Schedule of the Resource Management Act 1991. The plan change request seeks to rezone approximately 9.3ha of land at Washdyke for Industrial L development.

Plan Change 22 (PC22) proposes to provide for additional Industrial L activities by rezoning part of Lot 7 DP 557 and part of Lot 6 DP 578 from Rural 1 and Rural 2 to Industrial L at Washdyke Flat Road, Timaru. PC22 proposes amendments to the Timaru District Plan that include:

  • Amending the District Plan Planning Maps to rezone the subject site
  • The introduction of an Outline Development Plan to coordinate and guide the future development; and
  • Amending an existing policy and rule and introducing new rules that manage future subdivision and development.

The plan change request and the assessment of why it is needed can be read from here:

Plan Change 22 - Request for Industrial Plan Change - Washdyke Flat Road 

Anyone wishing to view the application that cannot electronically should contact the Council duty planner on 03 687 7200.

Submission and Further submission

Submission on the Plan change closed on Monday 8 June 2020.  A total of three submitters were received. Further submission closed on 16 July 2020 with no further submission received.


Council has approved the plan change and the decision can be read from here:

Plan Change 22 - Commissioner's Decision

Any submitter who is not satisfied with the Council’s decision may then appeal to the Environment Court.

For further information regarding this plan change or the process outlined above, please contact Nathan Hole by email: or phone: (03) 687 7223.

Plan Change Documents


Plan Changes on Hold

16NPS for Electricity Transmission and Renewable Electricity TransmissionGiving effect to the NPS for Electricity Transmission and Renewable Electricity TransmissionDecision taken to incorporate into District Plan Review
19Geraldine Industrial Decision taken to incorporate into District Plan Review

Completed District Plan Changes

01Residential 6 Zone at GlenitiPlan Change 1 amends the Liquid Waste, Amenity Values and Residential Zone provisions and related General Rules for subdivision, sewerage, stormwater and roading in order to provide for low density residential development in areas currently zoned Residential 1 and 5 at Gleniti in Timaru and to provide for the taking of financial contributions for roads.Operative
02Rezoning to Industrial L at 10 Laughton Street, WashdykeThe purpose of Plan Change 2 was to rezone 2.42 hectares within the Residential 4 Zone as Industrial L.Operative
03Rezoning to Commercial 2A at Evans Street, TimaruThe purpose of Plan Change 3 is to rezone land at Evans Street, in Timaru (Pt Lot 1 DP 3955 and Pt Lot 25 DP 578) from Recreation 2 to Commercial 2A (the former A and P Showgrounds site).Operative
04Rezoning to Commercial 2 at 18, 18A and 20 Hobbs Street, TimaruPlan Change 4 comprised the rezoning of land from Residential 2 to Commercial 2, together with the inclusion of a Concept Plan and related amendments to Performance Standards for the Commercial 2 Zone and General Rule 6.8.3.Operative
05Rezoning to Industrial L at 22 Martin Street, WashdykeThe purpose of Plan Change 5 was to rezone land from Residential 4 to Industrial L.Operative
06Airport Noise BoundaryThe purpose of Plan Change 6 was to undertake a review of all relevant District Plan protection mechanisms that apply to the Airport.Operative
07Rezoning to Industrial L at 78 Shaw Road, GeraldineRezoning to Industrial L at 78 Shaw Road, GeraldineOperative
08Rezoning to Industrial L at 8 Doncaster Street, WashdykeThe purpose of Plan Change 8 was to rezone land from Residential 4 to Industrial L.Operative
09Rezoning to Commercial 2 at Highfield Shopping Centre, 143 Wai-iti Road, TimaruThe purpose of Plan Change 9 was to rezone land from Residential 1 to Commercial 2.Operative
10Rezoning to Residential 1 at 6/8 Guild Road, TemukaThe purpose of Plan Change 10 was to rezone from Rural 1 to Residential 1.Withdrawn
11Rezoning to Residential 1 at 44 Gresham Street, GeraldineThe purpose of Plan Change 11 was to rezone from Rural 4 to Residential 1.Withdrawn
12Rezoning to Industrial L at 300 Hilton Highway, WashdykePlan Change 12 comprised the rezoning of approximately 3.5Ha of land located on the western side of the Hilton Highway in the Washdyke area of Timaru, from Residential 4 to Industrial L. It provided for the rezoning of the existing Wills Furniture Retail Complex that fronts State Highway 1, the Power-Farming Agricultural Showroom fronting State Highway 8, Scarlett Hydraulic Technology and a currently vacant lot in the centre of the site, which gains access from State Highway 8.Operative
13Temuka North West Residential Expansion

Rezone land in Temuka North West from Rural 1 and 2 to Residential 1. The area will also include a Recreation 2 Zone for a neighbourhood reserve, an indicative roading layout, and new provisions relating to flood hazards. The Proposed Plan Change will deliver additional residential land to counteract the shortage of residential properties identified within the Temuka area.

14Washdyke Industrial ExpansionPlan Change 14 proposes to rezone lands at Washdyke, Timaru from Rural, 1, Rural 2 and Recreation 2 Zones to Industrial L and Industrial H Zones, covering an area of approximately 73Ha. The entire study area comprises approximately 120Ha of land.Operative from 17 November 2014
15Martin Street, Washdyke, Rezoning from Tesidential 4 zone to Industrial L zonePlan change 15 has been requested by Goldpine Industries Ltd, Graybird Holdings Ltd and J. & B. Christie Holdings Ltd. The plan change proposes to rezone land located at 16 and 22 Martin Street, Washdyke, Timaru, legally described as Lot 1 DP 301498 and Lot 2 DP 304931 respectively, from Residential 4 zone to Industrial L zone under the Timaru District Plan.Operative from 5 June 2012
17Geraldine Downs Operative from 10 March 2014
18Hilton Highway and Racecourse Road Operative from 4 March 2013
20Rural Residential (Brookfield Road) ZoneThe purpose of private plan change 20 was to rezone land at Brookfield Road Timaru from Rural 1 to Rural Residential.Operative from 19 September 2015
21Broughs Gully Outline Development Plan

Plan Change 21 was initiated by Council to facilitate co-ordinated urban development and the cost-effective and equitable provision of network servicing infrastructure across the Broughs Gully area in Timaru that is currently in multiple ownership and has significant servicing constraints.

Operative from 25 October 2019

Last updated: 12 Apr 2021