Strategies, plans & monitoring

Our Road Network, Plans & Strategies

Strategies, plans and monitoring


Both Council staff and contractors carry out monitoring on behalf of Council.

The roading network is inspected at sufficiently regular intervals to monitor the rate of asset deterioration, identify traffic safety hazards and to programme the required maintenance work so that the network remains at the required standard and levels of service. To ensure that works are carried out to required standards by contractors, Council's engineers regularly monitor the quality of roading work undertaken.

Council also undergoes information collection to assist with monitoring the roading network. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Traffic counts
  • Road condition
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Road user surveys
  • Traffic signals (SCATS data)

Strategies and plans

Management of the Timaru District Road Network is guided by the following strategies, plans, policies and bylaws:

The Activity Management Plan (AMP) sets out a 10-year programme for the management of roading assets and activities. The plan is developed to ensure that the assets and activities are managed in an affordable, efficient, sustainable, and effective manner to minimise the financial impact on Timaru District's community.

The Transport Lifecycle Management Plan sets out the framework for managing road assets, in a way that balances management, operations, maintenance, renewal and capital works to meet the needs of the community.

The Land Transport Unit Maintenance Strategy sets out the principles that underpin road maintenance plans, operations and contracts aimed at delivering road network maintenance goals.

Local Bylaws

Bylaws are local legislation enforceable by Council staff and other nominated agencies. A number of local bylaws are related to management of the District’s road corridor.

Council Policies

Council adheres to a number of policies to ensure a consist framework and principals are provided for all interested parties.

Last updated: 26 Jul 2021