Overweight & Over-dimension Vehicles


Overweight and over-dimension vehicles

Vehicles heavier or larger than the standard dimensions will need special permits to travel on the road. This is to protect the District's road network.

Applying for an overweight permit

For overweight vehicles, there are strict controls on the overall weight and axle loads of vehicles. If your vehicle exceeds the limits because of the indivisible load that is being carried, or because of the vehicle's design, then an overweight permit is required before travel is allowed.

Applying for an over-dimension permit

Over-dimension vehicles and loads need to follow additional requirements before travelling on our roads. This is so they can travel on the road safely – for example, get around corners and fit under bridges.

Applying for a high productivity motor vehicle (HPMV) permit

High productivity motor vehicle (HPMV) permits will only be approved for suitable vehicles carrying divisible loads of economic importance, such as logs, milk powder or freight. Permitted vehicles must also be able to travel on routes that are suitable for vehicle and load being approved.

Last updated: 26 Jul 2021