Dog Exercise Areas


Dogs need plenty of exercise to stay healthy and happy. There are many places in the Timaru District where you can take your dog for a run off the lead.

There are designated areas throughout the district with clear signage to indicate where dogs can go, and where they can't.

Don't forget to take something with you to remove faeces when exercising your dog, (e.g. pooper scooper or plastic bag). Dog faeces should be disposed of in bins. Failing to do so may result in a fine.


Leashed dogs are welcome in many parks and gardens and on district streets, except in prohibited areas as listed below.


There are many designated parks and beaches throughout the district where your dog is free to exercise off-leash. Owners must still be watchful that their dog is not aggressive with other dogs, and people.

Where a dog is permitted off-leash, under the Dog Control by-law this means an owner may have a dog off a leash but under continuous and effective control (i.e. obedient and responsive to its Owner's commands). Alternatively, the dog must be on a leash.

You can exercise your dog off the leash in the following areas:


  • Ashbury Park
  • Marchwiel Park
  • Timaru Dog Park
  • Redruth Park
  • Scenic Reserve (Centennial Park)
  • West End Park
  • South Beach
  • Waimataitai Beach
  • Otipua Beach
  • Caroline Bay Beach Tidal Area and only between the “Dogs Prohibited” signs for the penguin friendly areas at either end of the beach - 1 April to 30 September inclusive each year
  • Salt Water Creek Walkway


  • River areas (the river bed, ie shingle, streams and berm areas)
  • Domain Avenue on the tree walkway between Rayner Street and Murray Street
  • Temuka Domain (the area between the southern boundary of the Temuka Holiday Park and continuing along the stormwater channel which follows the southern boundary of the Temuka Golf Course and east of the Torepe Fields carpark, sports field and training area).


  • Reserve opposite Fire Station.
  • Todd Park

Pleasant Point

  • River areas (the river bed, ie shingle, stream and berm areas)
  • Pleasant Point Domain (Fire Brigade practice Area when not in use by Fire Brigade)

Where the walkway in an exercise area borders or passes through a prohibited area, eg play area and there is no alternative route, owners are allowed to continue along the walkway, providing their dog is controlled by a leash and the owner does not stop in the area.

Picnic areas within exercise areas are designated dog on leash areas.

Prohibited areas

Access for dogs has been restricted in areas where there is a probable conflict with public safety, health, wildlife protection and hygiene.

Dogs are not allowed at any time in the following areas:

District Wide

  • All children's playgrounds.
  • The playing or training surface of any sports ground or sports field owned or controlled by the Council.
  • Within 10 metres of any child's play equipment or play area or paddling pool in any park or reserve, or of any aviary in any park or reserve.
  • Any swimming pool or other bathing place owned or controlled by the Council, including all areas within the fenced boundary of the swimming pool.Public Libraries.
  • Premises used for, or in connection with, the manufacture, preparation, packing or storage or sale of food unless lawfully able to have dogs in their customer areas through their Food Control Plan.

NB: Therefore compliance shall be in accordance with food safety legislation current at the time.


  • Temuka Domain - the portion of Temuka Domain between the western boundary of the Temuka Golf Course and the eastern boundary of Fergusson Drive.
  • Temuka Motor Camp


  • Geraldine Domain - excluding walking track.
  • Geraldine Motor Camp
  • Raukapuka Reserve playing fields

Pleasant Point

  • Camping Grounds - Labour Weekend until Easter (inclusive)


  • Aorangi Park
  • Caroline Bay unless using winter access route (see NB below)
  • Caroline Bay Beach Tidal Area - 1 October to 31 March inclusive each year
  • Stafford Street - from Sefton Street to North Street
  • The Royal Arcade
  • Otipua Wetlands
  • Claremont Bush Reserve

NB: Access to the Beach Tidal Area is via Virtue Avenue to northern carpark or from the loop road to Marine Parade to the Marine Parade carpark, or from the bottom of Wai-iti Road direct to the fountain, then east towards the beach.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021