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Summary of Decisions Requested  (SoDR also known as Summary of Submissions)

Re-notification of Summary of Decisions Requested (Summary of Submissions) 

On 24 July 2023 the Timaru District Council publicly notified a Summary of Decisions Requested (Summary of Submissions) on the Proposed District Plan and invited further submissions. Following notification of that document the Council identified a number of submission points that contained errors.

The summary is being re-notified because of the errors identified in the original summary previously published.  To ensure the summary of decisions requested is correct, and that further submissions can be called for, the summary of submissions is re-notified in full. Where there has been a substantive change made to a submission point (either the summary or relief sought), the submission has been identified with a blue fill background. Where no substantive change has been made to a submission point, the background remains white. These reports have been prepared in accordance with Clause 7 of Schedule 1 to the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA).

The summary is presented in the format of Submission points made by submitter.  This summary has been split into 4 documents below.

The below document can provide guidance on how to interpret the Summary of Submissions.

Submissions received to date

You can find copies of all submissions received on the PDP on the Original Submissions page. To view the further submissions previously lodged please visit the Further Submission page.

Submitter Index

Each submitter received a unique submitter number, and  then each submission point is given its own unique number or identifier. To locate an submitter please use the following index. You can search this PDF to find the submitter you are interested in and their number.

Please note the contact details for NZ Frost Fans Limited (No. 255) have changed to below:

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