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Proposed District Plan

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The Proposed District Plan (PDP) was notified on 22 September 2022, and the submission period closed on 15 December 2022. The Summary of Decisions Requested (Summary of Submissions) can be viewed on the Summary of Submissions page.

All original submissions lodged on the PDP can be viewed on the Original Submissions page.

All further submissions previously lodged on the PDP can be viewed on the Further Submissions page .


Analysis of submissions

Following the close of the further submissions period, original and further submissions will be collated and analysed by a team of planners. Their analysis and response to the submission points and further submission points, will be presented amongst recommendations made to the District Plan Hearings Panel, in what is called a ‘Planners Report’ or ‘S.42A report’. This report will provide reasons to the hearings panel on the acceptance or rejection of submission points received. Submitters that have requested to be heard at hearing, will then have the opportunity to respond to the planners report, and answer any further questions posed by the hearings panel.

Last updated: 27 Mar 2024