Rates Payments

Rates & Property

Payment Options

Please phone staff at the Council offices if you wish discuss these options.

Timaru: 03 687 7200
Geraldine: 03 693 9336
Temuka: 03 687 7591

  • Credit card online
    Visa and Mastercard may be used for payment.
    Payments will incur a credit card fee of 2.0%. This fee will be charged by the bank directly to the credit card holder. There is a minimum fee of $1.
    The timing of your payment is important to avoid penalties.
  • In person at the Timaru, Geraldine or Temuka Council offices.
  • By post to:
    Timaru District Council
    PO Box 522
    Timaru 7940
  • By Direct Debit using the form displayed under "Related Information" on the right of the screen. You can choose to pay monthly, by instalment or annually.
    Annual and Instalment direct debits will be deducted from your bank account on the "Due" date.
    Monthly Direct Debits are deducted on the 20th of each month or the next working day.
    You can cancel a direct debit by contacting Council offices at any time.
    Rate accounts will continue to be sent to you for your information.
  • By Internet Banking. These payments can be made at a frequency to suit you, however, it is important to check your payments are sufficient to clear the required amount by the "Due" date.
    The information required to accompany your internet banking payment is:
    "Code" field your Property ID number and the "Reference" field RT
    Payments can be made to the Council Bank Account 02-0888-0269159-07.
    Solicitors only. When paying a property settlement please pay using the details above to bank account number 02-0888-0269159-00.

Instalment Dates

Rates are due and payable on the following dates:

Instalment Due Date
1 20 September 2018
2 20 December 2018
3 20 March 2019
4 20 June 2019

Ratepayers may elect to pay on a more regular basis if they choose. Rates may be paid using any of the payment methods as outlined above.


A penalty of 10% is added to any portion of each instalment that remains unpaid at the close of the due date, on the following dates:

Instalment Due Date
1 21 September 2018
2 21 December 2018
3 21 March 2019
4 21 June 2019

Any rates outstanding from previous years (including penalties already incurred) which are still unpaid on 21 September 2018 will have a further 10% penalty added on that date, and if any portion is still unpaid on 21 March 2019 a further 10% penalty will be added on that date.

Penalties will not be applied to the metered water targeted rate.

Metered Water Dates

The due dates for metered water targeted rates are as follows:

Month Invoice Raised Due Date
July 2018 21 August 2018
August 201820 September 2018
September 2018 22 October 2018
October 2018 20 November 2018
November 201820 December 2018
December 201822 January 2019
January 201920 February 2019
February 201920 March 2019
March 201922 April 2019
April 201920 May 2019
May 201920 June 2019
June 201922 July 2019

Publish Date: 28 Mar 2014