Road Closures


Temporary Road Closures

The following is a list of approved and pending temporary road closures:

RoadClosure PeriodReasonStatus
Sophia Street (Perth St - King George Pl)Sunday 16 October 9am - 11amSeafarers ServiceUpcoming


For Temporary Road Closures for events, event organisers must apply at least 50 working days (10 weeks) prior to the event. This is to ensure compliance with Transport (Vehicular Traffic Road Closure) Regulations 1965 and the Local Government Act, where notice of intention to close road to be advertised at least 42 days before the proposed period of closure of any road. It is a legal requirement that road closures are advertised to the public and the event organiser is required to pay for all advertising costs.

More information about road closures for events

Emergency Road Closures

Click here to view a map of emergency road closures in our District - this is updated as closures come to hand and is compiled by Timaru District Council in conjunction with emergency services and contractors.

For information on State Highways, please contact New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) on 0800 444 449.

Proposed Road Stopping

'Road stopping' is the term given to changing land with the legal status of road to a freehold title. Customers wanting to apply for road stopping generally have an existing need, eg:

  • they have illegally built a structure, fence or deck on the legal road corridor (berm, footpath and road);
  • they own all the adjoining properties and want to include the road in their ownership.

Last updated: 27 Apr 2022