Peel Forest Water Supply

Water Supplies

Where does our water come from and is it safe?

We all expect to turn on our taps and get get cool, clean water but do you ever think about where it comes from?

The Peel Forest water supply is a small scheme supplying 30 houses. It does not supply the picnic area, campground or all of the properties at Peel forest.

The water is piped from a spring through a small treatment plant, where it is treated with cartridge filtration, UV and chlorine, before entering into a storage tank. It is then gravity feed down the main road and into Dennistoun Road.

Who looks after the water supply?

The Council is responsible for the management and operation of the water supply but uses contractors to carry out the maintenance work.

The Council owns and maintains the water supply network from the where the water comes from through to the toby at the street boundary.

You are responsible from the toby onwards.

No connections are to be made to the reticulation between the toby and the storage tank. The consumer is responsible for all onsite water pipework from the toby at the boundary.

You are also required to have onsite storage of 900 litres or more, so that when we have to carry out maintenance and close the water supply you will have enough water.


Dry weather conditions may result in short supply because of low river levels and excessive use by consumers. When this happens hosing restrictions are put in place to help keep the demand for water down. Connections between the toby on the street and the onsite storage are not allowed.

Restrictions are advertised in the newspaper and on our website


For any enquiries relating to the District's Water Supply please contact us:

  • Timaru District Council
    2 King George Place, Timaru 7910
    Phone: 03 687 7200
  • Temuka Service Centre
    King Street, Temuka 7920
    Phone: 03 687 7591
  • Geraldine Service Centre
    Talbot Street, Geraldine 7930
    Phone: 03 693 9336

Last updated: 14 Jun 2023