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Where does our water come from and is it safe?

When you turn on your taps you expect to get cool, clear water, (although in times of high rainfall your water will be discoloured)but do you know where the water comes from?

Te Moana's water comes from the intake in the Hae Hae Te Moana River. The Scheme takes surface water which passes through a rapid sand filter removing the majority of the sediment within the water. The water is then chlorinated to kill bacteria and by maintaining a chlorine residual in the system we minimise the risk of contamination in your water tank.

During high demand periods water is also supplied from the Geraldine Water Supply to the area just north of Geraldine. That water supply is treated by ultraviolet light which kills bacteria and protozoa, but is not chlorinated, therefore re-contamination within the water mains and tanks is possible.

The Te Moana supply is a restricted water supply. This means the daily allocation is supplied into a tank at a constant rate over a 24 hour period. If the tank is full the ballcock shuts off the flow.

The Te Moana Downs has reached its original capacity. Additional water is being purchased from Geraldine to supplement the main intake. Pipeline upgrades are being carried out to allow additional consumers to connect to the scheme

Who looks after the water supply?

The Council is responsible for the management and operation of the water supply and uses contractors to carry out maintenance work and is also responsible for the entire system up to and including your ballcock provided:

  • the ballcock is not located inside a dwelling, and
  • the ballcock is not located higher than 6m above ground. When this happens we are not obliged to maintain the ballcock but we can assist if prior arrangements are made.

Need a new service connection?

You need to apply to the Council for replacement of existing tanks, work is to be carried out by an infrastructure approved contractor after written approval has been given.

New connections are being approved for redistribution of existing units.  No new units are being approved within the area of the scheme supplied from the North Branch of Te Moana River Head works. New units and connections may be approved from the area of the scheme supplemented by the Geraldine water supply

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021