Rangitata Orari

Water Supplies

Where does the water come from and is it safe?

The Rangitata-Orari water race scheme is a stockwater-only supply. This water supply is not suitable for domestic use.

The water flows from the Orari River and is fed into a network of open water races. Council own and operate this water race, with support of contractors for maintenance of the scheme.

Water quality is dependent upon the condition of the Orari River, and is susceptible to possible contamination from stock upstream. Being an open water race, the Rangitata-Orari network is vulnerable to weather conditions. The scheme can fill with debris when windy, blocking culverts, freeze in extreme winter conditions, or cease to flow in hot conditions when weed growth is lush and evaporation high.

Council endeavours to maintain a flow at all times although in the extremities of the scheme water can cease flowing and take several days to recover. This situation is not common.

Rangitata-Orari stock water race

Your responsibilities

  • Ensure all stock are kept out of the water races and do not have direct access into the water race. Stock should only have access through purpose-built drinking bays.
  • Maintain a 10m wide access way alongside each race.
  • Ensure water is able to flow unobstructed through the water race without pollution or any reduction in volume (other than stock drinking use).
  • All on-farm culverts belong to the land owner, who must ensure they do not restrict the flow of water.
  • Comply with Timaru District Bylaws Chapter 16: Water Races. Copies are also held at Geraldine and Temuka Service Centres.

Report or repair faults

To minimise disruptions to the water supply please report any water race faults and supply problems as soon as possible to the TDC Office or Service Centres. Council has a 24/7 call-out service on: (03) 687 7200.

For consumers east of State Highway 1 (between the bridge and the sea), this side of the scheme is maintained by Downer for Rangitata South Irrigation, contactable on 027 268 9366.

Request or modify supply

If you wish to request removal or modification of your supply, pick up an application form from Council's main office at 2 King George Place or visit our Services Consents page


For any other enquiries relating to the Rangitata-Orari Stockwater Race Supply please contact us at:

Timaru District Council
2 King George Place, Timaru 7910
Phone: 03 687 7200
Email: enquiry@timdc.govt.nz

Temuka Service Centre
King Street, Temuka 7920
Phone: 03 687 7591

Geraldine Service Centre
Talbot Street, Geraldine 7930
Phone: 03 693 9336

Last updated: 01 Jun 2022