New Heritage Item Nomination

District Plan Review Consultation

Consultation on this matter closed on 18 July 2018

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We are calling for nominations of any buildings, structures and places that have significant heritage value to the Timaru district.  The purpose is to identify items of heritage significance that have not already been offered a level of protection in the District Plan.

What Historic heritage items are currently protected under the District Plan?

Making a nomination

Any person or organisation may nominate an item for evaluation by completing and submitting the nomination form.  Before you submit a nomination, please read the assessment criteria to check whether the nomination is appropriate.  You should only nominate an item if you consider it has significant heritage value to the District.

Nomination of an item does not automatically guarantee that it will be evaluated or considered for the Plan list of Historic heritage items.  Priority will be given to nominations that clearly identify the values associated with a place and the community to which it is significant, and are supported by relevant background information.  If necessary the Council’s Heritage consultant may contact you to assist in researching the significance of the item, nominated.

The following information is requested with a nomination:

  • List research sources, both primary and secondary
  • Append historic and current Certificate of Titles and survey plans, if available
  • Attach historic photographs and other key research material
  • Append aerial photograph showing the location of the setting of the historic heritage item

Before making a nomination please read and note the assessment criteria that will be used to assess significance:

Timaru District Council – Historic Heritage Assessment Criteria

  1. Historical and social value: Historical and social values that demonstrate or are associated with: a particular person, group, organisation, institution, event, phase or activity; the continuity and/or change of a phase or activity; social, historical, traditional, economic, political or other patterns;
  2. Cultural and spiritual value: Cultural and spiritual values that demonstrate or are associated with the distinctive characteristics of a way of life, philosophy, tradition, religion, or other belief, including: the symbolic or commemorative value of the place; significance to Tangata Whenua; and/or associations with an identifiable group and esteemed by this group for its cultural values;
  3. Architectural and aesthetic value: Architectural and aesthetic values that demonstrate or are associated with: a particular style, period or designer, design values, form, scale, colour, texture and material of the place;
  4. Technological and craftsmanship value: Technological and craftsmanship values that demonstrate or are associated with: the nature and use of materials, finishes and/or technological or constructional methods which were innovative, or of notable quality for the period;
  5. Contextual value: Contextual values that demonstrate or are associated with: a relationship to the environment (constructed and natural), a landscape, setting, group, precinct or streetscape; a degree of consistency in terms of type, scale, form, materials, texture, colour, style and/ or detail; recognised landmarks and landscape which are recognised and contribute to the unique identity of the environment; and
  6. Archaeological and scientific significance value: Archaeological or scientific values that demonstrate or are associated with: the potential to provide information through physical or scientific evidence and understanding about social, historical, cultural, spiritual, technological or other values of past events, activities, structures or people.


Nomination was open from 7 June 2018 till 18 July 2018. If you wish to nominate a new item for the Heritage Schedule of the District Plan, nomination has now closed. Alternatively, nomination of a new item for the Heritage Schedule of  the District Plan can be made in writing on the Nomination Form to:

Timaru District Council
PO Box 522
Timaru 7910
Hand in Timaru District Council Main Office 
2 King George Place

Nomination Form is also available from Council’s service centres at:

  • Geraldine Library and Service Centre, 78 - 82 Talbot Street, Geraldine;
  • Customer Services Reception, Timaru District Council, 2 King George Place, Timaru;
  • Timaru Library, 56 Sophia Street, Timaru;
  • Temuka Library and Service Centre, 72-74 King Street, Temuka

What happens after I have made a nomination?

Once a nomination is received, an assessment will be carried out by the Council's Heritage Consultant to determine whether or not the item is deemed suitable for inclusion in the Heritage Schedule of the District Plan. The nominations will be considered by the Heritage Steering Group that will with the assistance of the Heritage Consultant make recommendations to the Environment Services Committee.  Environment Services Committee will make decisions.  For more information on the District Plan Review, please visit

Meet the Heritage Consultant

You are invited to meet the Council’s Heritage Consultant, Dr Ann McEwan, in the month of July 2018.  This will be an opportunity to discuss making a nomination of a new heritage item, or to discuss the review of items on the current Heritage Schedule.

LocationDate Time
Geraldine Library Meeting Room Monday, 9 July 2018 3:30 - 6:30 PM
Temuka Library Meeting Room Tuesday, 10 July 2018 3:30 - 6:30 PM
Timaru District Council Chambers Wednesday, 11 July 2018 11 - 1 PM & 3:30 - 6:30 PM

Review of Current Heritage Schedule

The District Plan Review includes assessing the heritage values of the currently scheduled items and this review process may determine that there has been a loss of heritage significance that means the item no longer merits inclusion in the District Plan.  Property owners may provide information that leads to an assessment of insufficient heritage significance to merit scheduling, if for example the scheduled item is actually a replica or was recently relocated to the site from outside the district.

Timaru District Council needs to meet its obligations under the Resource Management Act and the Canterbury Regional Policy Statement to protect historic heritage resources, and therefore a decision to remove items from the Heritage Schedule must be supported with evidence.  The Council welcomes all information that can help to establish a robust assessment of heritage values, keeping in mind that there must be credible evidence prepared to support both inclusion and exclusion of items to the Heritage Schedule.

When can I provide feedback on a currently scheduled Historic heritage item?

Letters are being sent to all landowners of items on the current Heritage Schedule, with an invitation to attend Drop-in Days to meet the Heritage Consultant in July 2018.

The period for receiving feedback on the current Heritage Schedule, closes 18 July 2018

Feedback received will be considered by the Heritage Consultant and the Heritage Steering Group, before making any recommendations to the Council’s Environmental Services Committee.

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