Nomination of Significant Trees

District Plan Review Consultation

Consultation on this matter closed on 4 July 2018

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Nomination of Significant Trees

Council is calling for nominations for significant trees to be included in the District Plan.

District Plan review

We are currently reviewing the District Plan (the Plan), and as part of that review we are looking at the policy and rules around significant trees. Significant trees are an important natural resource that contribute to the amenity and character of our urban environment, provide important ecological and biodiversity services, and may also have historical and cultural values. For a landowner, listing a significant tree in the Plan provides peace of mind that the tree has a level of protection no matter who owns the property in the future.

What trees are currently significant under the District Plan?

The current significant trees are on both Council land and private land. A list of the current significant trees can be viewed from:

Ashbury Park Quercus ilex Holm Oak

Ashbury Park Quercus ilex Holm Oak

What is Council’s proposed evaluation method for significant trees?

The Standard Method for Tree Evaluation (STEM) will be used to assess potential significant tree candidates. The following matters will be considered in the STEM evaluation:

  • Size
  • Position
  • Presence of other trees
  • Occurence of the Species
  • Role in location
  • Useful life expectancy
  • Form
  • Scientific value
  • Historic value
  • Cultural value
  • Functional value
  • Ecological value
  • Stand landscape value
  • Other relevant factors

More information about STEM can be found from The New Zealand Notable Trees Trust.

Nominated Trees

Nomination was open from 24 May 2018 till 4 July 2018. The written approval of the land owner is being sought for those trees that were not nominated by their land owners. Staff is currently evaluating the nominated trees to determine whether or not the tree is deemed to be suitable for protection. If the tree is considered suitable, it will be included in the Draft District Plan, which will be released for consultation as part of the District Plan Review. For more information on the District Plan Review, please visit

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021