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District Plan Review

What is the District Plan Review?

The District Plan Review is an opportunity to reconsider everything in the Timaru District Plan 2005. It's not exactly starting from fresh, but uses the current District Plan's provisions as a starting point.  There are also various matters the new District Plan must comply with.

If the review finds we need to completely reconsider our approach to a particular issue, then there is scope to do that. The process for a District Plan Review is set out in the Resource Management Act 1991.

Why review the District Plan?

Simply put, we have to do it. The Resource Management Act requires Council to review each provision of a District Plan every ten years if it has not been reviewed or changed in the meantime.

How does the District Plan affect me?

There are a variety of ways the District Plan can affect you. If you own land, the District Plan controls what type of activities you can do on that land, what you can build, how high and certain aspects of the design. Amongst other things, it also controls whether you can subdivide that land and how much noise you can make. District Plans also control what is happening next door and in your neighbourhood. The District Plan Review provides you an opportunity to have your say and potentially influence how the new District Plan addresses those matters in the future.

What phase is the District Plan Review in now?

Discussion documents have been completed on the issues for each major topic.  A booklet that summarises the community feedback on the discussion documents has been released.  The booklet also includes the Environmental Services Committee's initial direction for the review.

Staff are now moving into the drafting of the proposed plan.  This is an exciting time and will take into account the direction obtained to date from the discussion documents and Timaru District 2045 Draft Growth Management Strategy (GMS).

Research is currently being completed to build on the discussion documents and GMS.  This will be considered with the direction provided by the government on the National Planning Standards when drafting commences. The process is indicated in the diagram below.

Chart outlining the stages of the District Plan Review

Please note land use growth is being dealt with in the GMS.  Any direction provided by the draft Strategy will inform the new District Plan.

For a list of current and completed consultation topics, please visit the District Plan Review Consultation Page.

Getting Involved & Staying Informed

There are a number of opportunities for the public and stakeholders to get involved in the District Plan Review, including providing feedback on the discussion documents and draft plan; and making a submission on the notified proposed plan.  Any feedback received before the Council notifies the proposed plan will assist the Council in the preparation of the proposed plan. When the proposed plan is notified, the feedback needs to follow the process set out under Schedule 1 of the Resource Management Act.

Here is a list of current and past consultation matters on the District Plan Review:

Consultation TopicStatusPublic Consultation Close Date
Nomination of Heritage ItemsNomination PeriodClosed 18 July 2018
Nomination of Significant TreesNomination PeriodClosed 4 July 2018
Nomination of Heritage Steering GroupNomination PeriodClosed 20 June 2018
Growth Management StrategyGMS Adopted By CouncilClosed
Discussion DocumentsCommittee Initial Direction MadeClosed

The best way to stay informed about the District Plan Review is to subscribe to the District Plan Review update service. Just register your details and receive email alerts when the District Plan Review webpage is updated.

If you have any questions about the District Plan Review please contact Intermediate Planner Megan Geng at or on 03 687 7419.

Publish Date: 28 Nov 2018