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District Plan Review Consultation

There are various consultation opportunities in each phase of the District Plan Review:

  • Phase One Scoping: in this phase, consultations with statutory bodies, stakeholders and the public had taken place. Feedback from consultations helped us in developing the Town Centre Study, Growth Management Strategy. All of which, have fed into the development of the Discussion Documents in Phase Two.  - this phase has completed.
  • Phase Two Discussion Documents: in this phase, a number of discussion documents were released for community consideration on the issues the District is facing and options to resolve them. - this phase has completed
  • Phase Three Draft District Plan: During the drafting of the new Plan, targeted and public consultation on some topics are also taking place. Once drafting is completed, the Draft District Plan will be released for consideration by the community involving a number of opportunities for the community to provide feedback. - The Draft Plan is scheduled to be released for your consideration in late 2020. we are currently drafting the new Plan. For more details on where we are, and how the Draft Plan is developed, please check out the District Plan Review FAQ page.
  • Phase Four Proposed District Plan: a Proposed District Plan, which would have taken account the feedback received in Phase Three, will be released for formal public consultation. This process will involve submissions, further submissions, hearings, decisions and the opportunity for submitters to appeal to the Environment Court. - the Proposed Plan is scheduled to be released in mid-2021.

The process of the District Plan Review is shown in the diagram below.

District Plan Review Process Diagram

Below is a list of all current and completed consultation undertaken to date:

Consultation TopicStatusPublic Consultation Close Date
Nomination of Heritage ItemsNomination PeriodClosed 18 July 2018
Nomination of Significant TreesAssessing NominationsClosed 4 July 2018
Nomination of Heritage Steering GroupAssessing NominationsClosed on 20 June 2018
Growth Management StrategyGMS Adopted By CouncilClosed on 12 May 2017
Discussion DocumentsCommittee Initial Direction ReleasedClosed

Publish Date: 21 Mar 2019