Section 32 Reports

Supporting Documents

Section 32 reports document the planning assessment and technical evidence supporting the recommendations in the Proposed District Plan.

The purpose of Section 32 reports is to examine the proposals for their benefits, risks and to look at the effects on the community, the economy, and the environment.

The analysis is documented so stakeholders and decision-makers can understand the reasoning behind policy decisions, and make transparent, high-quality decisions to Resource Management Act 1991 plans, plan changes and policy statements.

The “Section 32 Overview” report includes an overview of the legislative requirements, the methodology and approach and the process that the Council has undertaken to date through its District Plan Review, including consultation and engagement. This overview report should be read in conjunction with the reports on particular topics.

PART 2: District Wide Matters

Strategic Directions

Energy Infrastructure and Transport

Hazards and Risks

Historic and Cultural Heritage

Natural Environment Values


General District Wide Matters

PART 3: Area Specific Matters


Development Areas


Last updated: 09 Nov 2022