Background & Assessment Reports

Supporting Documents

There has been a huge amount of background assessments conducted to inform the Proposed District Plan. These are provided below and provide important information for plan users. Many of these assessments have been conducted over several years by a range of agencies and consultants and involved consultation with landowners, stakeholders, Council staff and technical experts. Council is grateful to everyone involved in these assessments.

Energy Infrastructure and Transport

Natural Hazards

Historic and Cultural Heritage

Natural and Environment Values





Māori Purpose Zone


Schedule 3 - Schedule of Historic Heritage Items (HHI)

McEwan (2022) Historic Heritage Assessment Covering Report June 2022

HHI-1 - HHI-50

HHI-51 - HHI-100

HHI-101 - HHI-150

HHI-151 +

Schedule 4 - Schedule of Historic Heritage Areas (HHA)

Schedule 5 - Schedule of Notable Trees

Timaru District Council (2022) Notable Trees - Assessment Covering Report

Groups of Trees (TREESG)

Individual Trees TREESI-1 - TREESI-50

Individual TreesTREESI-51 - TREESI-100

Individual TreesTREESI-101 - TREESI-150

Individual TreesTREESI-151 -TREESI-169

Schedule 7 - Significant Natural Areas

Significant Natural Areas - A-G

Significant Natural Areas - H-N

Significant Natural Areas - O-R

Significant Natural Areas - S-Z

Last updated: 31 Jul 2023