Road Naming

Working in the Road Corridor

Road naming

Council has the authority under section 319(j) and 319A of the Local Government Act 1974 to name roads. New names are usually needed for new roads in subdivisions, or when a previously unformed road is constructed. Road names for new public roads, private roads, and rights-of-way are approved by Council to allow properties to:

  • have accurate addresses
  • be easily located by emergency services
  • be serviced for power, mail, and telecommunication.

New roads

For new roads being formed, the subdivider is invited to submit three names (in order of preference) with reasons for the suggestions, along with details of any consultation undertaken. When the new name has been confirmed, the developer of the subdivision shall pay Council for the required sign(s) and installation, and the standard format Council name sign shall be erected. If the new road was previously an unformed road(s), then the Council shall meet the cost of sign(s) and installation.

Private ways

It is the Council's policy not to directly name private ways, however if names are to be allocated to private ways, then the names shall be in accordance with the Road Naming Policy's Approval Criteria and Style Guide. Council can be contacted on 03 687 7200 for more information.

Renaming roads and naming of existing legal but previously unformed roads

The request to alter existing road names or to name existing but previously unformed legal roads will be considered. If appropriate and agreed, Council will decide on the road name. Where a road is requested to be renamed, a minimum of 85% of residents/property owners must approve of the change.

Last updated: 26 Jul 2021