Building or Modifying a Driveway?

Working in the Road Corridor

Vehicle Crossings (Driveways)

If you are building a new vehicle crossing (driveway) or making any modification to an existing vehicle crossing, you will need to:

If the vehicle crossing being built or modified adjoins a State Highway, then you will also need approval from Waka Kotahi – the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Property owners are responsible for the cost of constructing and maintaining their vehicle crossings and must do so in a manner compliant to Timaru District Council’s standards.

Where culvert pipes are located underneath vehicle crossings (mostly concerning rural properties), property owners are also responsible for ensuring culvert pipes are kept clear and do not cause flooding-related damage or nuisance to the road. Please note that if you are building a new driveway/accessway above an existing culvert additional steps may be required in obtaining approval.

Last updated: 26 Jul 2021