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Our Place, Our Future? - Long Term Plan 2018-28

What's the LTP all about?

The LTP is an important document that outlines the future delivery of Council services. It covers the range of Council services provided to the ratepayers and residents of Timaru District. The LTP covers everything the Council does, what is planned, cost and how it will be paid for.

All councils are required by law to develop and adopt a 10-year plan and budget, which is reviewed every three years. Council provides a huge range of activities, many of which you use every day. The water that comes from your tap, using the playground at the local park, getting books from your local library and ducking into the public toilet down the road are just a few of these.

The LTP presents a blueprint for the delivery of Council Services over the next ten years. It includes how the Council will provide those services, what they will cost and how they will be funded.

How has the LTP been developed?

The development of our Long Term Plan is a complex process. We first started this review back in around December 2016. Since then there has been a huge amount of work put into the plan by the Council and Council officers in identifying the issues that we need input on as well as developing the content of the plan. You can read about our big issues on the pages below or explore our interactive StoryMap:

What's the Infrastructure Strategy (IS)?

The Infrastructure Strategy (IS) has been developed over several months in preparation for the LTP. It will be consulted on together with the LTP. This is the Council's second IS. It formalises planning around major infrastructure such as the district's roading, sewer, water supply and stormwater networks and waste minimisation for the next 50 years. It forms part of the LTP and ties in closely with the Council Financial Strategy.

What's the Financial Strategy (FS)?

The Financial Strategy brings together important information set out in the Long Term Plan, integrating it with financial forecasts, strategies and policies to arrive at a sustainable and prudent budget. The financial strategy guides the way Council makes decisions over income, expenditure, borrowing and investments.

What are Council Activities?

Council Activities are the services provided to the community by Council and include a variety of services from emptying the district's rubbish bins to providing safe clean drinking water. Activity Management Plans (AMPs) are prepared for each activity and represent a business plan for each particular activity, completed by the Unit Manager of that activity. They outline what is happening at the coal face, detail levels of service, current costs, projected costs, future work programme, issues facing the activity and many other things. The latest AMP's were completed during 2017 and provide a building block for the LTP.

Group of ActivitiesActivities
Community Support

Airport, Community Facilities (includes public toilets, cemeteries), Community Funding (includes community funding, subsidised labour), Economic Development & District Promotions, Emergency Management, Safer Communities, Social Housing

District Planning & Environmental ServicesBuilding Control, District Planning, Environmental Compliance (includes environmental health, animal control, parking enforcement)
Recreation & LeisureCultural & Learning Facilities (includes Art Gallery, Halls, Theatre Royal, Libraries, Museum), Parks (includes Fishing Huts, Motor Camps), Recreational Facilities (includes Swimming Pools and Southern Trust Events Centre)
Roading & FootpathsRoading & Footpaths (includes parking facilities, cycleways and walkways)
Waste MinimisationWaste Minimisation
Water SupplyWater Supply

Read about plans for Council's Groups of Activities below:

What's the Significance and Engagement Policy (SEP)?

The SEP was developed, consulted on and adopted by Council in 2014 following an amendment to the Local Government Act 2002. The policy provides a framework for deciding the significance of an issue, giving clarity to the community about expectations of engagement on issues, and ensures the Council identifies its Strategic Assets. In short, the SEP is a framework for making sound decisions with the appropriate level of community engagement.

Read the Policy: Significance and Engagement Policy

What were the results of the LTP 2018-28 Pre-Consultation?

We consulted on some specific issues relating to the LTP in August/September 2017. Council thanks those who provided valuable feedback. You can see the overall results of this consultation below.

Last updated: 12 Apr 2021