Building Consent Forms & Checklists

Additional Consent & Building information

Changes to building consenting systems

We have upgraded our consenting systems and this will affect how you will submit Building Consent and related applications to the Timaru District Council. The new online portal will be known as the “Simpli” portal and the system for processing and inspecting your applications is called “GoGet”.

Below a number of key points that all building owners, consent applicants and other trades need to know.

Applying and submitting applications

  • Applications including Building Consents (BC), Project Information Memorandum (PIM), Amendments to BC’s, Certificate for Public Use (CPU), Code Compliance Certificates (CCC) shall only be created and submitted by the owner or applicant through the Simpli portal.
  • To do this you will need to create a user login in the Simpli portal
  • To make an application go to the Simpi website
  • The Simpli website has lots of guidance to help you through the application and submission process.
  • Important: No paper / hard copy applications will be accepted after 27 November.

Supporting Information

Compliance Schedule and Specified Systems Application Forms

All forms relating to compliance schedules and specified systems can be found at the Southern Building Cluster Group website.

Other Application Forms

  • If you are undertaking a "new build" go to the Services Consents page to check your requirements.
  • Application for Acceptance as a Producer Statement Author form is available here