Building Consent Forms & Checklists

Applying for and submitting building applications

  • You first need to create a user login in the Simpli portal (this is only required first time)
  • To create your application go to the Simpi website login, choose the type of application, enter the address and start your application
  • The Simpli website has lots of guidance to help you through the application and submission process
  • Applications you can make through the portal include Building Consents (BC), Project Information Memorandum (PIM), Amendments to BC’s, Certificate for Public Use (CPU), Code Compliance Certificates (CCC) and Certificate of Acceptance (COA)
  • The information you provide within an application form is required so that your application can be processed under the Building Act 2004. The Council, Territorial Authority (TA) or Building Consent Authority (BCA) collates statistics relating to building work and has a statutory obligation to provide information to third parties. The information is stored on a public register, which must be supplied to whoever requests the information. Under the Privacy Act 2020, you have the right to see, and correct personal information Councils, TAs and BCAs holds about you. All information received and gathered via the consent process is subject to the Official Information Act 1982 and the Privacy Act 2020

Note: Hard copy applications may be submitted to the council's main office (King George Place Timaru) providing it is a full and complete application.

Supporting Information

  • You will need a login to the Simpli portal if you are submitting an application or any supporting documentation throughout the consent process, for example but not limited to:
    • submitting requests for further information (RFI's)
    • design memorandum's
    • alternative solution details
    • licenced building practitioner (LBP) notifications
    • records of work (ROW)
    • producer statements
    • energy work certificates
    • gas certificates
    • drainage plans
  • Please note the following guidance for submitting information with your application

The following checklists can be used as supporting information for your application

Compliance Schedule and Specified Systems Application Forms

Information and application forms relating to compliance schedules and specified systems can be found at the Southern Building Controls Group (SBCG) website. This is managed by the Dunedin City Council on behalf of the SBCG which Timaru DC is a member of.

Please ensure you complete in full any of these applicable forms and include them with your building consent application (via the Simpli portal)

Other Application Forms

  • If you are undertaking a "new build" go to the Services Consents page to check your requirements.
  • Application for Acceptance as a Producer Statement Author form is available here