Kerbside Collection Information

Waste Minimisation

This week's bin colours





Bin Placement

  • Put out 2 bins each week: your green bin and either the red or yellow bin. See the South Zone calendar or the North Zone calendar to the right for red and yellow bin schedules.
  • 80kg maximum weight
  • Bins to be out before 6am on collection day
  • Close to kerb
  • At least 0.5 metres apart
  • Handles should face the pavement
  • Unobstructed by vehicles, trees or power poles
  • Closed lid
  • If you have problems with positioning your bin, have special circumstances, or live in units or flats with space constraints, please contact the Council 687 7200
  • Your bin is allocated to the property and must stay with the property

Service frequency

Type of Area Rubbish
(Red Bin)
(Yellow Bin)
(Green Bin)
Residential Areas Fortnightly Fortnightly Weekly
Urban CBD (Commercial) Weekly Weekly Weekly

Click here to download a copy of the 2020/2021 Bin Calendar

Additional Bins

Additional bins or different sized bins are available on request to the Council  687 7200 - a charge may apply.

Missed, stolen or damaged bins

Missed in collection, damaged (split side or broken handles), missing or stolen bins, please contact the Council 687 7200. You will be required to pay costs only if the bin is damaged due to negligence.

What goes in each bin?

Animal droppings in paper Aerosol cans - empty only Animal droppings in plastic
Bones Aluminium cans All ash
Branches Aluminium cans - clean only Band aids / dressings
Burger boxes Books Batteries - alkaline
Butter paper Bottles and jars - no lids Bread bags
Cereal slops Cardboard and paperboard Carbon paper
Chicken bones, skins, scraps Cereal boxes Cassette tapes
Coffee grounds Coffee cans Ceramics
Dairy products Computer paper Cigarette ends
Egg shells Cosmetic jars - clean Cooking oils and fats
Fish Drink bottles Crockery
Fish and chip paper Drink cans Cutlery - plastic
Flowers Envelopes, including window Disposable nappies
Food leftovers, scraps Foil trays Drink cartons
Food soiled paper Food cans Foam boxes / meat trays
Fruit and vegetable scraps Greeting cards Kitty litter
Garden waste Ice cream containers Lightbulbs exc. ecobulbs
Grass cuttings Janitorials (cleaning bottles) Lolly wrappers
Hair Juice bottles          Matchboxes
Hot chip boxes / packets Junk mail Medical waste
Leaves Magazines Multi-material packaging
Meat - raw or cooked Margarine tubs Pens, pencils, felts, crayon
Paper hand towels Milk bottles Plastic wrap
Paper bags Motor oil containers Plastics - all flexible
Pizza boxes Newspapers Plate glass
Plant cuttings Oil containers Polystyrene meat trays
Shredded paper Office paper Pyrex
Takeaway food boxes Paint tins - clean and empty Styrofoam
Tea bags Pet food tins - clean Supermarket bags
Tissues Phone books Takeaway cups
Vegetable scraps Plastics - all rigid plastics Toothbrushes
Weeds Sandwich spread bottles / jars Toothpaste tubes
Wood - UNTREATED ONLY Shampoo / conditioner bottles Treated timber
  Soft drink / water bottles Vacuum dust
  Steel / tin cans - clean Waxed paper
  Toilet roll inners Window glass / mirrors
  Wine bottles  
  Wrapping paper  
  Yoghurt containers - clean  

Handy hints

  • Food can be wrapped in newspaper, or purchase a biobin with biodegradeable liner from the Timaru District Council or Crow's Nest.
  • Squash boxes and bottles to make more room.
  • Ensure your recycling is clean! Humans have to sort it out.
  • Put hot ash in metal can away from buildings for 5-7 days or or place on your garden for at least 3 days before emptying to red bin.
  • Pay attention to weight - 80kg maximum.
  • Please put the right items in the right bins.


Watch a video on kerbside collection or how a bin is made.

Last updated: 16 Dec 2020