Services Consents

Consents, Licences & Registrations

A Services Consent Application is required for all works carried out associated with Council owned infrastructure systems including:

  • Public water supplies
  • Public sewer systems
  • Public stormwater systems
  • Urban kerb and channel crossings
  • Rural accessways
  • Installation of privately owned above ground services (i.e. fence encroachments, stock crossing, fence/gates, structures on road reserve etc)

A services consent application is a separate issue from resource consent or building consent matters. Approval of a resource consent or building consent does not imply automatic approval of a Services Consent.

To find out more please download the related documents to help with your services consent application and remember that submitting a services consent application to Council does not mean approval has been given.

Approval of a Services Consent may result in separate applications being required for a Trade Waste Consent and / or a Storm Water Device Information Form.

Infrastructure Approved Contractors

Specific works, carried out within the Timaru District Council area, are permitted to be carried out by Infrastructure Approved Contractors only.

Details of the works, permitted to be carried out by these approved contractors only are:

  • New connections to public water supplies
  • New connections to public sewer systems
  • New connections to public stormwater systems
  • All accessways to private property e.g. kerb and channel, modified crossings, rural accessways.
  • Installation of new water or drainage reticulation and formation of new roads to vested to Council e.g. part of a subdivision
  • Road reinstatement of private underground services

Fees and Charges

Please visit the following pages for details of the current charges: