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What is a services consent?

A services consent is different to a building consent or a resource consent.

A services consent provides you with approval to undertake works associated with Council owned infrastructure such as public water supplies, sewer and stormwater networks, and vehicle access to the road network (including excavation within the road reserve).

For example, when building a new dwelling, you will need a services consent to connect to the public water/stormwater/sewer systems and to construct your driveway to access the road.

How do I know if a services consent is required?

If you are doing any of the following, you may require a services consent:

  • building a new dwelling or garage;
  • relocating a dwelling;
  • making an addition to an existing dwelling and/or commercial building;
  • completing commercial works such as construction of a farm shed, commercial or industrial premises.
  • wishing to occupy a Council road reserve

It is best to contact Council early in your project planning to find out whether you will require a services consent. Often the requirement to obtain a Services Consent is detailed in the supplementary information or advice notes on your Building Consent or Resource Consent.  The approved services consent must be obtained and available on site before works are undertaken.

How do I apply for a services consent?

To apply for a services consent, you will need to complete an application form and pay the relevant fee. You can find the application form below, along with our information sheet to help you complete your application.

Please note that all works being carried out on existing or proposed Council assets must be completed by a Council Infrastructure Approved Contractor: These include, but are not limited to:

  • New connections to public water supplies
  • New connections to public sewer systems
  • New connections to public stormwater systems
  • All access ways to private property e.g. kerb and channel, modified crossings, rural access ways
  • Installation of new water or drainage reticulation and formation of new roads to vest to Council e.g. services installed as part of a subdivision which will be maintained by Council in the future

A current list of Council Infrastructure Approved Contractors can be found here

Application Fees

Click here to view current application fees for services consent applications

Connection fees may also be payable when connecting to public water supplies.

Click here to view water connection fees

Technical requirements for connection to and construction of infrastructure assets

Council has standard specifications that must be adhered to when connecting to or constructing infrastructure assets. Click here to view the current specifications.