Water Fees

Fees & charges

Please note, all charges are GST inclusive unless indicated otherwise.

Services Consents (Connection/Disconnections to Public Infrastructure)

Description 2023/24 (GST incl.)
Application Fee - Connection / Disconnection / Flow Alteration - all schemes $550.00
Application Fee - Request to deviate from Downlands Policy $820.00
Inspection / re-inspection fee for non-compliant works or missing information (per inspection) $275.00
Charge for works that are non-remedied after non-compliant inspectionMonthly fee per site - $100.00

Connections / Disconnections / Flow Alterations (Physical Works)

Description 2023/24 (GST incl.)
Connections - All pipe sizes - all schemes Actual cost
Disconnections - Permanent / Temporary / Reconnections Actual cost
Flow alterations - Jet alterations - all schemes Actual cost

Backflow Preventor and Water Meter

Description 2023/24 (GST incl.)
Backflow Testing – By Owner Actual cost
Backflow Testing – By Council$300.00
Installation Actual cost

Sale Price of Water (Per cubic metre)

(Invoiced after 1 July irrespective of time period covered)

Description 2023/24 (GST incl.)
Pleasant Point $0.83
Seadown $1.08
Temuka $0.83
Timaru $0.83
Winchester $0.83

Rural Schemes - Connection Fee

Description 2023/24 (GST incl.)
Downlands - per new connection (ie each additional tank)$6,500.00
Downlands - per Unit $8,000.00
Orari $700.00
Seadown $1,750.00
Te Moana Downs - per new connection (ie each additional tank) $6,500.00
Te Moana Downs - per Unit$8,000.00

Rural Schemes - Other Fees

Description2023/24 (GST incl.)
Bond to cover remedial work$600.00 minimum to 10% of estimated value of work
Damage to network infrastructure by third partyActual cost
Unauthorised water tampering or take from rural water supplies$2,000.00 plus actual cost
Upper Pareora Water Supply (annual charges) - per Tank Connection$692.00
Upper Pareora Water Supply (annual charges) - per Unit$277.00

Last updated: 30 Jun 2023