Off Licences

Liquor Licensing

An Off-Licence authorises the holder of the licence to sell or deliver alcohol on or from the premises described in the licence for consumption off the premises.

If you are seeking an off-licence for a previously unlicensed premises, you will need to obtain an off-licence before operating your business to sell and supply alcohol on the premises.

If you are seeking a licence for a premises that has previously been licensed and that licence is still current then you may be able to obtain a Temporary Authority. The Temporary Authority enables the premises to lawfully operate while you obtain a licence, and to sell and supply liquor under the same terms and conditions as the current licence. Application forms for a Temporary Authority are available from the District Licensing Committee and should be lodged 20 working days prior to takeover.

The Temporary Authority is valid for three months (providing the existing off-licence remains valid). An Off Licence must be applied for within one month of the issue of the temporary authority.

All applications must be submitted to the District Licencing Committee.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021