Rules having immediate legal effect

About the Proposed District Plan

Rules having immediate legal effect

Certain rules in the Proposed District Plan have immediate legal effect. This means these rules apply now and may result in resource consent being required for some activities that were not otherwise required under the Operative District Plan.

If a resource consent is required under the Operative and/or the Proposed District Plan, Council must determine how much weight to give the provisions of each plan, with more or less weight given depending on how far the rules in the Proposed District Plan are though the plan making process.

Submission can still be made on rules having immediate legal effect and hearings will follow if requested. These rules will remain having legal effects until decisions on them are made through the consultation process and any changes to these rules are made operative.

Any chapter that contains rules that have immediate legal effect has a note (as shown below) at the top of the chapter.

The rules that have immediate legal effect are identified with an orange gavel symbol next to the relevant provision .

The following rules will have immediate Legal Effect upon the notification of the Proposed District Plan (22 September 2022).


Applicable Rules

Please note, where a rule has immediate legal effect, except as specifically stated below, all associated standards, schedules, maps and definitions will also have immediate legal effect.

Activities on the Surface of the Water Chapter

All rules

Historic Heritage Chapter 

All rules

Ecosystems and Indigenous Biodiversity Chapter

All rules

Versatile Soils Chapter 

All rules

Sites and Areas of Significance to Māori Chapter 

All rules

Drinking Water Protection Chapter

All rules

Natural Character Chapter 


Subdivision Chapter 

Subdivision within the General Rural Zone:

  • SUB-R3, SUB-S1.3.1 and associated General Rural Zone map

Transport Chapter

Accessible parking and loading spaces:

  • TRAN-R5 as it relates to TRAN-S7
  • TRAN-R6 as it relates to TRAN-S4

Last updated: 10 Oct 2022