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About the Proposed District Plan

How to use the ePlan

The ePlan is an interactive electronic version of the District Plan. It aims to make it easier to find information relevant to your property and to have your say on changes to the District Plan.

View the ePlan

You can use the ePlan in two ways:

1. Like a book using the ePlan viewer. Click on Read Entire Plan to read the entire plan, objectives, policies and rules.

2. Using the interactive map viewer. Click on View Map. This will lead you to the district planning map and allows you to search your property and see all the planning map layers on your property, It also helps direct you to the most relevant parts of the District Plan for your property.

How to use the ePlan

How to print and create PDFs

How to use the ePlan Full Guide


How to use the ePlan

Last updated: 16 Dec 2022