Temuka Alpine Energy Stadium

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Temuka Alpine Energy Stadium

COVID-19 Update

Under the Orange Traffic Light alert level, the Timaru District Council has made this facility a non-Vaccine Pass Site as it is not staffed by Council team members. This means the Council will not enforce vaccination pass entry requirements.

However, the person booking this facility (the Hirer) can determine if the activity/event they are holding requires a vaccine pass upon entry.

If the hirer chooses not to make a My Vaccine Pass a requirement, they must comply with density limits, PPE and social distancing. Currently, for non-vaccine pass sites, the density limit is strictly 25 persons with 1-metre social distancing.

If the hirer chooses to make the My Vaccine Pass a requirement, a vaccine pass will be required upon entry. Currently, for vaccine pass sites, the density limit is strictly 100 persons with 1-metre social distancing. The hirer must monitor the vaccine pass status of all present at the event.

It is incumbent upon the hirer to observe and comply with all government regulations around COVID-19 protection.


This versatile modern complex is set amongst the established gardens of the Temuka Domain. There is a large carpeted upstairs lounge with wheelchair access and an indoor stadium with a full size basketball court. It may be used for sporting events, seminars, wedding receptions, exhibitions and public meetings.


Area Capacity
Stadium 226
Upstairs lounge 150


  • Extensive onsite parking
  • Stadium with changing rooms, showers and stadium seating
  • Carpeted upstairs lounge with separate bar facilities, well equipped kitchen with modern oven, fridge / freezer and glass washer
  • Trestles and Chairs
  • Piano

Note: Statutory requirements and licenses regarding the use of and sale of alcohol must be observed.

Fees and Charges

Alpine Energy Community Centre, Temuka

Preparation time (Must be arranged at the time of booking the facilities.  This will be charged at the normal hire charge)

Hire (minimum hire charge of two hours per hire not including preparation / pack out time)

Public Liability Insurance The hirer is required to have Public Liability Insurance and provide a confirmation of this to the Council before the booking is confirmed. If the hirer does not have Public Liability Insurance the Council will charge $13.00 per hire. This provides cover to a maximum of $2,000,000.

Description2022/2023 (GST inclusive)
Bond (function involving alcohol)$750.00
AD Hally Lounge (upstairs) 
Meetings only$21.00 per hour
Morning to 6.00pm$27.00 per hour
6.00pm to 2.00am$31.00 per hour
Maximum daily rate (day/night events, multi-day events)$260.00
Kitchenette$10.00 per hire
Sporting Activity$15.00 per hour
Morning to 6.00pm$30.00 per hour
6.00pm - 2.00am$35.00 per hour
Maximum daily rate (day/night events, multi-day events)$340.00
Main Kitchen (Tea/Coffee only)$12.00 per hour
Changing Rooms and Showers$26.00 per room plus cleaner
with Club’s agreement
Heater – Downstairs Stadium (electricity per hour as per booking)$19.00 per hour
Public Liability Insurance Cover (if required)$13.00 per hire

Location Map

Temuka Domain
Domain Avenue

Last updated: 02 May 2022