Building Consent Amendments & Variations

After a Building Consent has been issued (and prior to the issuing of a Code Compliance Certificate) no deviation or alteration from the approved plans and specifications is permissible without the approval of Council. There are two ways of changing your approved consented plans as follows:

  • Minor Variations are changes that usually do not affect how compliance with the consent is achieved – for example changing from one acceptable solution to another or the repositioning of kitchen joinery, non- structural walls, windows or doors. These can either be resolved on site with the inspector or through the office, both will require revised plans or details to be submitted and officially recorded within the consent.
  • Amendments are generally work that is outside the scope or did not form part of the original approved consent – for example changing from an acceptable solution to an alternative solution, an addition to the footprint/floor area, change to the structure, bracing or the drainage design. These changes must be processed and approved just like the original BC, which can cause delays and may result in stopping your project until approval is given. So it is very important that you allow the necessary time for this process to be undertaken.

Where you have not completed the work as per the approved building consent, including any approved minor variations or amendments, the Council will be unable to issue the Code Compliance Certificate. Therefore it is very important that you follow the correct procedure when making any changes.