Building Consent Amendments & Variations

Additional Consent & Building information

After a Building Consent has been issued (and prior to the issue of a Code Compliance Certificate) no deviation or alteration from the original plans and specifications is permissible without the approval of the Council. A Building Advisor will be happy to discuss the changes with you when on-site and advise of the required documentation.

Where the change is a minor variation, it may be discussed and agreed with a Building Advisor and updated documentation submitted.

An amendment is where the change is more than a minor variation but does not include a change in the scope of the works. In this case an application for an amendment to the building consent must be made as if it were an application for a building consent.

To apply for an amendment you will need to lodge appropriate drawings documenting the alterations and fill out the appropriate application form.

You will be charged for this so it is important to ensure that the details you submit in your original application are correct. Once approved, you will receive the stamped amended plan back with an invoice for costs.

Where you have not completed the work as per the approved building consent, including any approved variations/amendments, the Council will be unable to issue the Code Compliance Certificate.