Multi Proof Approvals

The Multi Proof service is also known as a National Multiple-Use Approval.

If you have a Multi Proof for a building design, you can build the design several times within one district or nationwide, subject to any approval conditions, without needing to have the whole design assessed by the BCA each time you apply for a building consent.

A building consent is still required for a building with Multi Proof approval but the BCA is required to process the application within 10 working days instead of the usual statutory 20 working days.

Examples of building types which may benefit from Multi Proof approval include, but are not limited to:

  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Farm buildings
  • Modular units
  • Retirement villages / units / house
  • Tents / Marquees

An application for a Multi Proof must include a Certificate of Work which states that any Restricted Building Work (RBW) in the Multi Proof design complies with the Building Code. An application for a building consent using a Multi Proof design will still need to have a separate Memoranda (Certificate of Design Work) included for any relevant site-specific parts of the design, and any customisations made to the Multi Proof design, if RBW is involved.