Compliance Schedules & Specified Systems

Additional Consent & Building information

A Compliance Schedule is a document listing the inspections, maintenance and reporting procedures for specified systems in a building (such as automatic fire sprinkler, fire alarms, lifts, air conditioning systems, evacuation systems, etc) to ensure their continued safety of operation. This also includes residential cable cars attached to a building. This has to be issued before or with the Code Compliance Certificate.

If you are amending an existing compliance schedule you will need to make application for the amendment.

The application form in the related information is required to be completed, plus an application below for each specified system as appropriate, so that a Compliance Schedule may be issued or amended.

Once you have received the initial Compliance Schedule Statement and any subsequent Amendments, the building owner will be required to furnish annual schedule 12A forms for each specified system showing that the specified system has been inspected and passed by an Independent Qualified Person (IQP). This establishes that the building has a current Building Warrant of Fitness.