Building Inspections & Certifying Building Work

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Inspections/Documentation Required during Construction Period

Please note: NO building work relating to the consent can be undertaken without the consent being issued (paid in full and approved documents uplifted)

Each building consent is provided with an Inspection and Documentation Regime which outlines the inspections to be undertaken and documentation required to be provided. It is very important that you and or your contractor reads this and understands what inspections have been allowed so you can plan you project accordingly.

The Building Control Officer (BCO) will visit the site for each inspection to check compliance with the Building Consent and approved plans and specifications. An inspection check sheet will be completed for each inspection. This is generally done electronically and will be emailed to the appropriate people once completed.

Typical inspections are but not limited to:

  • Siting/Footings
  • Foundations
  • Pre Pour Slab/Sub Floor
  • Pre Roof
  • Pre Line
  • Final Building/Plumbing

Inspections need to be booked with the Council and, as the demand is heavy, the more notice provided the more likely it is that you will get the time you have requested. Inspections can be booked by phoning Customer Services at the Council on 03 687 7200. When you book you will need to provide the Building Consent number, the name and contact number of the person booking the inspection, the type of inspection, the address of the project and the name of the owner of the property and a relevant email address (for the inspection check list to be sent).

Any safety equipment or access required for the inspection to be carried out, such as scaffolding or ladders etc, is the responsibility of the contractors to provide, ensuring the inspection can be undertaken safely. A copy of the approved consented documentation (plans & specs) must be on site at all times and made available for the BCO to view. It is preferable that the owner or representative of the owner (ie Project manager, builder, plumber etc.) is on site for each of the relevant inspections as applicable.

Any non-compliant work identified by the BCO is confirmed explained within the inspection checklist and forwarded to the appropriate person/s. These items must be rectified and confirmed via a "re-inspection" before proceeding to the next stage of construction. Failing to do this may result in further issues later in the build process and could affect the issuing of the Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) or you could be liable for enforcement action via the issuing of a "Notice to Fix".

Please be aware that certain specific inspections may also be required to be undertaken by consultants, such as an engineer. These inspections are additional to those by Council and will be identified within the consented documentation.

The owner or agent will be notified of the pass or fail of the inspection by telephone, post, email or in person but you can also check the outcome at any time by visiting the council website or contacting Building Control Unit by Ph (03) 687 7200 or email

All completed inspections (passed or failed) are recorded  within the consent file and stored electronically.

During Restricted Building Work (RBW) Construction

Section 87 of the Act states that before RBW commences under a building consent, the owner must give the Building Consent Authority written notice of the name of every Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) who:

  • is engaged to carry out, or supervise, the RBW under the building consent; and
  • was not stated in the application for the building consent.

Section 87 also states that after RBW commences, the owner must provide the Building Consent Authority with a written notice as soon as practicable if:

  • an Licensed Building Practitioner ceases to be engaged to carry out or supervise RBW, or
  • another Licensed Building Practitioner is engaged to carry out or supervise the RBW.

Section 88 provides that each Licensed Building Practitioner who carried out or supervises RBW must, on completion of that RBW:

  • provide the owner, and the council for the district in which the RBW is situated, with a Memorandum (Record of Building Work) stating what RBW the Licensed Building Practitioner carried out or supervised.

Amendements/Variations to Building Consent

Refer to the Amendments and Variations section.