Temuka Alpine Energy Stadium

This versatile modern complex is set amongst the established gardens of the Temuka Domain. There is a large carpeted upstairs lounge with wheelchair access and an indoor stadium with a full size basketball court. It may be used for sporting events, seminars, wedding receptions, exhibitions and public meetings.


Area Capacity
Stadium 226
Upstairs lounge 150


  • Extensive onsite parking
  • Stadium with changing rooms, showers and stadium seating
  • Carpeted upstairs lounge with separate bar facilities, well equipped kitchen with modern oven, fridge / freezer and glass washer
  • Trestles and Chairs
  • Piano

Note: Statutory requirements and licenses regarding the use of and sale of alcohol must be observed.

Fees and Charges

  • Bond - a bond of $750.00 will be charged for all functions involving alcohol
  • Hire - minimum hire charge of 2 hours per hire excluding preparation and pack out time
  • Preparation time - must be arranged at the time of booking the facilities. The charge is one third of the normal hire charge

AD Hally Lounge (upstairs)

Charged per hour unless otherwise stated.

For $
Meetings only 17.00
Other functions - Morning to 6.00pm 23.00
Other functions - 6.00pm to 2.00am 27.00
Kitchenette (per hire) 10.00
Heater - coin operated 1.00


Charged per hour unless otherwise stated.

For $
Sporting activity 12.00
Other functions - Morning to 6.00pm 25.50
Other functions - 6.00pm to 2.00am 31.00
Main kitchen (tea and coffee only) per hour12.00
Main kitchen (for catering purposes) per hire 22.50
Changing rooms and showers (per room plus cleaner if clubs agree) 25.00
Heater - electricity as per booking 18.00
Heater - diesel provided by users

Regular users rates per annum

Clubs $
Fitness Club 1,600.00
Small Bore Rifle 1,330.00
Temuka Athletics Club 265.00
Citizens Indoor Bowls Hourly rate
Temuka Geraldine Bowls Association Hourly rate

Location Map

Temuka Domain
Domain Avenue