Murray Alexander Henderson

Category Three: Nationally Recognised Notable New Zealanders

Date of birth

18 October 1952 in Timaru


Gwen and Grant Henderson


Patricia Innes from Aberdeen, Scotland in 1977


Fiona and Faye


  • Bluecliffs Primary School
  • Timaru Technical College


  • Started learning the bagpipes from his father at the age of 5, further tuition from two of New Zealand's leading tutors – Donald Bain and David Boyle
  • Competed with great success nationwide, before leaving for Scotland in 1972 as holder of the NZ Championship for Piobaireachd playing.
  • Sought after as a judge, performer and master class instructor throughout the world.

Honours and Achievemnts

  • Won the world's top Piobaireachd title in 2006.
  • Won Glenfiddich World Solo Piping Championship four times.
  • Won the Gold Clasp at Inverness six times
  • Won Silver Chanter, Dunvegan Castle five times
  • Won Bratach Gorm (blue banner) five times
  • Won Gillies Cup three times
  • Won Marches and Strathspeys and Reels at Oban and Inverness
  • Won March and Strathspey and Reel at London five times
  • Won Masters Invitational Championship two times

Last updated: 16 Sep 2021