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The Hall of Fame was the initiative of Mr C Russell Hervey when he was Mayor of Timaru City in 1971-1977, to recognise the significant achievements of citizens of the Timaru district.

The Hall of Fame was officially opened on 26 September 1986 by Mayor Mrs DHL McIver.

Members of the Hall of Fame must have been born in South Canterbury, or lived in the district for a significant portion of their life. An advisory committee researches the candidates and a Council selection committee approves the candidates for inclusion in the Hall of Fame.

See our Nomination Information page for details on how to nominate a local legend for the Hall of Fame.

Category One: Persons of Prominent International Standing

Hon Sir Basil Arthur

Cardinal Reginald Delargey

Lord Elworthy

Sir William Hall-Jones

Sir Charles Hamilton

Michael Houstoun

Colin Albert Murdoch

Rt Hon Norman Eric Kirk

Richard William Pearse

Air Vice-Marshal Siegert

Admiral Sir Gordon Tait

Sir Henry Rodolph Wigley

Category Two: International Sportspersons or Administrators

Syd C. Ashton

Joseph Butterfield

Sir Cecil Cross

Bob Fitzsimmons

Colin John Hawke

Jack Lovelock

Clark McConachy

John Eaton Manchester

Richard John Tayler


Category Three: Nationally Recognised Notable New Zealanders

Sir Hugh Acland

Trevor Askin

John Badcock

George Baker

Thomas Burnett

Frank Callaway

Sir Douglas Copland

James Craigie

Dr Margaret Cruickshank

Sir Peter Elworthy

James Forrest

Thomas Fyfe

(Owston) Paul Gabities

Trevor Griffiths

Mika (Neil Gudsell)

Muriel Hilton

MG Lindsay Inglis

Sir Neil Isaac

Owen Jones

Dr Russell King

Sir Francis Kitts

Athol John Farmer

Murray Henderson

Sir Alan Low

Lancelot McCaskill

Sir Robert Macintosh

Jessie Mackay

Sir Roy Mckenzie

Ross Murray

Hon Sir Henry Ostler

Richard Price

LG Sir Edward Puttick

Dr Erihapeti (Elizabeth)

Sir Ivor Richardson

Hon Francis Rolleston

Jack Shepherd

Kevin Smith

Robert Smith

Sir William Steward

Sir Desmond Sullivan

George White

Cecil Wood

Anna Richards

Alister Deans

Eoin Young

Gordon Hasell

Jordan Luck

Lindsay Crooks

Mark Inglis

Nicole Begg

William Thomas

John Hardcastle

Sir Roy Allan McKenzie

Sir William Maxwell Manchester

Last updated: 16 Sep 2021