Central Timaru Historic Walk

Walking & Off-road Cycling

Locality Central Timaru, Map No. 2, Time 30 minutes

  1. Start at the Landing Service Building. Originally used for unloading ships around 1870, this is the only remaining example of such a building in Australasia. It is built of local volcanic basalt, known as bluestone.
  2. The building on the corner of George Street and Cains Terrace, once Werry's Private Guest Hotel, probably designed by Maurice Duval, a Belgian architect.
  3. The Theatre Royal was reconverted into a theatre in 1877 by Maurice Duval. It was upgraded in 1992/93 and a new foyer was designed by Barrie Bracefield Consultancy.
  4. Grosvenor Hotel, redeveloped by architect James Turnbull in 1915 Edwardian Baroque style.
  5. Shops and offices, Flemish Baroque style was built around 1930.
  6. Lower Stafford Street has many fine examples of two and three storey commercial buildings of the late Victorian to Edwardian period.
  7. The Arcade Chambers, a more restrained version of the Edwardian era, is typical of many of the buildings in Timaru. Cast iron columns above allow for maximum glazing of shop fronts.
  8. The older part of the Council Chambers, originally the Public Library, was designed by Walter Panton and officially opened in 1909.
  9. Chief Post Office was designed in 1881 by R.A. Lawson. (No longer used as a post office.)
  10. South Canterbury Museum, opened in 1966, designed by architect, Ron Dohig.
  11. St Mary's Church, built in local bluestone, was designed by architect, W.B. Arnson.
  12. Timaru Public Library, designed by architects, Warren and Mahoney and built 1977.
  13. Upper Stafford Street shows many good examples of small city Victorian and Edwardian buildings. The late Victorian FTC building and Tekapo buildings were designed by James Turnbull.
  14. Offices on the Terrace are an example of the arts and crafts style.
  15. The Old Customs House - 1902, architect, D. West. Now a restaurant.

Timaru District Council acknowledges the contribution of David McBride.

Last updated: 16 Sep 2021