Saltwater Creek / Coonoor Road

Walking & Off-road Cycling

Locality Timaru South/West, Map No. 6, Time 1 hour 10 minutes

Start on King Street beside the bridge and follow the track along the north side of the river. This a well formed, gravel track mostly on the flat. Retrace your steps to return.

For a shorter walk, start from Mowbray Street and exit at St George Street - 10 minutes. From St George Street to Coonoor Road takes about 20 minutes.

For a longer walk, cross to the other side of King street on your return, and follow walk no.7 to Patiti Point or walk no.8 to the Wetlands.


  • One side of the track provides a variety of views of the stream and distant mountains.
  • Farmland with a variety of animals and crops provides a rural contrast on the other side of the track.
  • Extensive new native planting combines with native regeneration and riparian planting. Varieties of bird life include shags, geese, ducks, pukekos, and the occasional white heron and royal spoonbill.
  • At the Coonoor Road end there is a picturesque, historic stone bridge.

Last updated: 16 Sep 2021