Opihi Walkway

Walking & Off-road Cycling

Locality Pleasant Point, Map No. 16, Time 3 hours one way

Start at the entrance on Arowhenua Road about 100 metres from the bridge on SH1 at Arowhenua. There is a car park there. Go through the gate onto the stopbank, turn left and proceed along the bank.

This is a long but flat walkway on the grassy tops of the stopbanks. Willows line most of the route but the river is not often visible. At the beginning there is open pasture on the left and views of the mountains in the distance.

Further along it is necessary to turn to the north for a distance of about 150 metres crossing a small bridge to arrive at another stop bank closer to the river.

When you cross under the bridge at Halstead Road. there is a choice of two banks. Take the right stopbank rather than the left which finishes slightly further down the road instead of at Tengawai bridge.

As you approach Pleasant Point you walk past Parr's waterwheel at Butlers Crossing and holiday cribs nestling in the trees. Fishing and swimming is popular in this part of the river.

There are several small roads which cross the banks along the way.

As this is quite a long walk it is a good idea to have a car at each end unless you want to spend another three hours walking back.


  • Shady willows
  • Parr's water wheel

Last updated: 16 Sep 2021