Otipua Wetlands

Walking & Off-road Cycling

Locality Timaru South, Map No. 9, Time 1 hour

Start at the bridge over Saltwater Creek on King Street/Main South Road. Alternatively, park in Rothwell Street by the Timaru rowing club and start from there. Follow the track along the left side of Salt Water Creek to the wooden bridge.

Cross over the bridge and follow the track to the right. Pass the railway bridge where the lagoon drains into the sea, enter the wetlands and follow the track around the lake.

The track is well formed and gravelled with a few gentle rises. It follows the south side of the lake. A small wooden bridge crosses a creek and the track continues across swampland back to the south side of the river.

Follow the track towards the road and cross over the bridge on the Main South Road to get back to your starting point.


  • This is a wetland restorative project. A wide variety of native trees, sedges and tussock are being planted to form a Kahikatea forest in the future.
  • A four hectare lake with two islands in the centre provides a haven for local and migratory birds to nest.
  • Varieties of bird include:- royal spoonbills, pied stilts, swans, chestnut breasted shelducks, scaup, mallard and paradise ducks, white and white-faced herons, pukekos, cormorants and black billed gulls.
  • Ancient basalt lava rock wall from the flow from Mt Horrible.

Last updated: 16 Sep 2021