Pareora River

Walking & Off-road Cycling

Locality Evans Crossing, Map No. 11, Time 1 hour 20 minutes return

Start by climbing over the style on the road indicated by the sign. The track is well trodden but has an uneven surface and can be muddy in the winter. It is grass to begin with but under the trees is beaten earth and tree roots.

The track is never far from the river which is fast running and provides a happy murmur in the background. Limestone rocks provide drama on the banks and in the distance. Tall trees provide plenty of shade.

The dam can be reached in an easy 40 minutes and rewards your walking effort. Swimming near the dam is not advised.

This walk can be reached from either side of the river but if you arrive at Evans Crossing you will need to drive or walk across the ford to get to the track on the northern or true left side of the river.


  • Great picnic spots
  • Bellbirds (korimako) in the bush
  • Fossil beds on the river banks
  • Swimming in the river

Last updated: 16 Sep 2021