Alpine Energy Community Centre - Temuka Fees

Hall / Facility Fees

Please note, all charges are GST inclusive unless indicated otherwise.

Alpine Energy Community Centre, Temuka

Preparation time (Must be arranged at the time of booking the facilities.  This will be 1/3 of the normal hire charge)

Hire (minimum hire charge of two hours per hire not including preparation / pack out time)

Public Liability Insurance The hirer is required to have Public Liability Insurance and provide a confirmation of this to the Council before the booking is confirmed. If the hirer does not have Public Liability Insurance the Council will charge $12.00 per hire. This provides cover to a maximum of $2,000,000.

Description2021/2022 (GST inclusive)
Bond (function involving alcohol)$750.00
AD Hally Lounge (upstairs) 
Meetings only$20.00 per hour
Morning to 6.00pm$26.00 per hour
6.00pm to 2.00am$30.00 per hour
Kitchenette$10.00 per hire
Sporting Activity$14.00 per hour
Morning to 6.00pm$29.00 per hour
6.00pm - 2.00am$34.00 per hour
Main Kitchen (Tea/Coffee only)$12.00 per hour
Main Kitchen (for Catering Purposes)$22.50 per hire
Changing Rooms and Showers$26.00 per room plus cleaner
with Club’s agreement
Heater – Downstairs Stadium (electricity per hour as per booking)$18.00 per hour
Public Liability Insurance Cover (if required)$12.00 per hire
Regular Users Rates Per Annum 
Temuka Fitness Centre$1,700.00
Citizens Indoor BowlsHourly Rate
Temuka Geraldine Bowls AssociationHourly Rate
Small Bore Rifle Club$1,415.00
Temuka Cricket Club$142.00
Vacant Storage Available$142.00

Last updated: 15 Jul 2021