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Caroline Bay Lounge Fees

Please note, all charges are GST inclusive unless indicated otherwise.

  • The Caroline Bay Lounge may be used for meetings, seminars, receptions and smaller function for up to 100 people
  • Bond - a bond of $750.00 will be charged for functions involving alcohol
  • Discount - 10% discount if 10 or more bookings are made in advance in any calendar year
  • Hire - a minimum hire charge of 2 hours excluding preparation and pack out time
  • Preparation time - must be arranged at the time of booking and will be at one third of the normal hire charge
  • Security - An additional charge of securing the lounge will apply to any hire closing from 11.00pm onwards as per the security company's scale of charges. Should this fee change, any hirer who requires this service is notified by letter.
  • All charges are per hour unless otherwise stated
Charged per hour unless otherwise stated $
Morning up to 11.00pm 10.50
After 11.00pm 13.00
Kitchen facilities (per hire) 10.00
Electrical facilities (heating, lighting etc - per unit) 0.40
Security check (per check) 30.00

Publish Date: 01 Jul 2017