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Caroline Bay Soundshell Fees

Please note, all charges are GST inclusive unless indicated otherwise.

  • The Caroline Bay Soundshell is an outdoor venue with seating for 1,812.
  • Deposit - a deposit is required on signing the Agreement to cover statutory advertising. This will only be refunded if a cancellation notice is given one week prior to the concert.
  • Screen fencing - The Council can provide screen fencing for the Bay Hill frontage from the Piazza to about opposite the restaurant. This would be erected on the afternoon of the concert if it is required.
  • Covers limited electricity supply - any additional electricity supply must be arranged for and paid by the hirer.
  • Any additional cleanup / rubbish removal etc must be paid by the hirer.

Show charging admission

For $
Deposit (refundable) 300.00
Soundshell hire, electricity supply, cleanup/labour, two public notices regarding liquor ban / exclusive use and admission charge 600.00
Fencing/labour (optional) at cost

Show with no admission charge or community event

A community event is when admission is by donation (gold coin or similar) and/or the net proceeds are being donated to an approved charity or community cause.

For $
Deposit (refundable) 200.00
Hire 100.00

The Council does not offer the following services:

Security, ticket sales/booking agent, ushers, sound, electrician, additional electrical supply, additional spot lighting, additional stage lighting. Please make your own arrangements for these services. A list of service providers can be supplied if required.

The Hirer's attention is drawn to the following legal requirements of the Electrical Regulations covering outdoor venues:

  • Should the Hirer's 'Electrical Load' requirements exceed the capacity of the 'residual current device protected 3 phase 5 pin sockets' then a power supply of '3 phase 150 amp' may be drawn from a fuse/switch provided.
  • The Hirer's electrician when taking a power connection from the fuse/switch is responsible for arranging the Electrical Permit and assumes full legal responsibility at all times for the temporary electrical installation whilst it is connected to a power supply.
  • The Council will NOT accept any responsibility or claims for compensation of loss due to power failure at the venue for whatever reason. The Hirer and the hirer's electrician are totally responsible for all electrical safety of performers, staff and the public.

Publish Date: 01 Jul 2017