Glass - Blue Bin

Waste Minimisation

What's in your new blue recycling bin?

Through May and June we'll be delivering new blue bins to all our waste service customers in Timaru District.

From 5 July (North Zone) and 12 July (South Zone) we're introducing a brand new glass collection service. This bin will be emptied the same week as your yellow bin.

Putting the correct items in your blue bin helps us recycle better. Separating out glass enables us to send it to a specialist company to be recycled into wine bottles. Cheers!

These items GO in your blue bin:

  • Glass Bottles - Beer, Wine, Juice, Cordial, Kombucha, if it's in a glass bottle it can be rinsed and go in here.
  • Glass Jars - Jam, Pasta Sauce, Mayo, rinse it out and put it in this bin.

Please NO:

  • Broken Glass - wrap it and put it in the red bin.
  • Window or Plate Glass - This can be dropped off at Redruth.
  • Drinking Glasses - These can't be recycled, but if they're in good condition you could donate them. If not, put them in the red bin.
  • Ceramics - These can't be recycled but can be donated or reused, or put them in the red bin.
  • Lightbulbs - These need to go in the red bin.
  • Other Glass - If you're unsure, put it in the red bin.
  • Plastic Bottles or Jars - If they are 1,2 or 5 plastic, they can go in the yellow bin, if not, put them in the red bin.


  • Rinse items first.
  • Lids from bottles and jars go in the red bin.
  • The weight of your bin needs to be 80kg or less to be collected.

Last updated: 28 Jun 2021