Hazardous Waste

Waste Minimisation

Hazardous Waste

Some things really shouldn’t be put in your wheelie bins. It’s important that hazardous waste is disposed of separately, to protect the safety of our team and prevent contamination of other waste.

Disposing of most hazardous waste is FREE.

Accepted Hazardous Waste

Household quantities of the below items can be dropped at our Transfer Stations

  • Paint.
  • Ecobulbs
  • Car and truck batteries.
  • Household or garden chemicals.
  • E-scrap (anything electronic or electrical with a cable or cord).
  • Waste oil (not accepted at Pleasant Point station).
  • Gas cylinders (need to be dropped at hazardous good shed).


Only household quantities of hazardous materials should be dropped at Transfer Stations.

Liquids - up to 20 litres.

Solids - up to 20kg

For higher volumes, contact the Council on (03) 687 7200 for advice and referrals.

Asbestos removal

Asbestos is not accepted at any of our Transfer Stations. Call (03) 688 7141 or 027 432 6925 for assistance.

Other services for hazardous waste

(including the disposal of medical waste, other chemicals and photographic equipment).

Chem waste - collection, treatment and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Call (03) 384 5435.

Interwaste - collection and disposal of dental amalgam; X-Ray and photographic film and fluid; medical and pharmaceutical waste; sharps; and quarantine waste materials - 0800 102 131.

Waste Management Technical Services - 0800 835 645.

For ammunition, firearms, explosives and flares please contact the Timaru Arms Office on (03) 687 9841.

Last updated: 22 Jun 2021