Organics - Green Bin

Waste Minimisation

What's in your green organics bin?

Your green organics bin is the place to put your garden and food waste. This includes compostable material such as lawn clippings; coffee grounds and leaves.These items GO in your green bin 

  • Food waste e.g. coffee grounds, eggshells, fish, fruit and vegetable scraps, cheese, meat (raw or cooked).
  • Garden waste e.g. branches, flowers, leaves, weeds, and untreated wood.


  • Place a stick under the lid in summer to prevent grass fires.

The following should NOT go in your organics bin:

  • Plastic bags, wrap, strapping or plant pots.
  • Fast food wrappers , bags and boxes with a plastic or wax coating. These go in your red bin.
  • Ash (this can go in red bin)
  • Treated wood, sawdust, wood shavings, large logs or stumps.
  • Lawn clippings which have been sprayed with herbicides.
  • Bricks and concrete.
  • Flax, palm, cabbage tree and rhubarb leaves.
  • Gravel  and dirt/soil/
  • Metal objects.

For more information on what goes in each bin, please see the brochure below

Last updated: 07 Jun 2024