Metal, Paper, 1,2,5 Plastics - Yellow Bin

Waste Minimisation

What's in your yellow recycling bin?

Putting the correct items in your yellow bin, helps us recycle better. Remember, any plastic numbered 1, 2 or 5 goes in the yellow bin and all containers must be washed first. All other plastic and lids need to go in your red bin.

These items GO in your yellow bin

  • Any plastic with a number 1, 2 or 5 inside the recycling triangle e.g. recyclable meat trays 1, ice cream containers 5 and milk bottles 2.
  • Containers - rinsed with no lid e.g. for cleaning, shampoo, cosmetics, juice, sandwich spreads, beer, wine, and milk.
  • Empty aluminum cans – clean with no liquids left in them.
  • Paper – Flattened cardboard, books, cereal boxes, wrapping/office paper, envelopes, cards, junk mail, newspapers and magazines.
  • Tins - well rinsed with loose lids placed in the red bin e.g. canned foods, pet food.


  • Keep your recycling clean for the people who manually sort it.
  • Rinse items first.
  • Lids from bottles and containers go in the red bin.
  • Squash all cardboard boxes but not bottles.
  • Items should be no bigger than 300mm by 300mm (three litre capacity)
  • The weight of your bin needs to be 80kg or less to be collected.

For more information on what goes in each bin, please see the brochure below

Last updated: 07 Jun 2024